Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Malaysia, a country with 26 millions inhabitants now currently and i must say, surprisingly have more than 22 medical schools right now. The question is, why in a great country like in the UK only has more or less, 10 medical institution? What happened?
This is a phenomenon that happened when the government pronounced that the public sector is in need for more doctors to fill up the vacancies. The problem started to rose when many private universities or colleges offer medical field as one of the available courses to be chosen. So, wealthy families that have children with not-so-good result in SPM start to force their children to take medicine as their major for the sake to keep their standard as an elite family or only to let people to see their son being initialed with Dr. in front of their names. Therefore, i found these colleges that are so new that I've never heard of their existence in offering medical field until i made a little research; 

1.Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (NuMED)
2.Taylor's University College, School of Medicine
3.Cyberjaya University College of Medical Science, Faculty of Medicine
4.Allianze College of Medical Science, Faculty of Medicine

And another 20 med school available in this country. Even Singapore only has one university that offer medicine. How can we have 2 dozens of med schools? The effect is tremendously terrible in another one or two decades when unqualified doctors are being produced. It is reported that every year 4000 doctors are being produced in this country itself, followed by another thousand that are coming from UK, Ireland, Australia, Russia, Ukraine, Egypt. Doctors that graduated from overseas and in public universities are unquestionably qualified as they were once the best brains of the nation. But doctors produced from private colleges are still worrying me. Maybe one day, the backgrounds of the doctor in charge of the patient will become an aspect of treatment; where he graduated and his exam results.

Still, many parents are still not aware of this and still sent their unqualified children to the med school and tortured them with complex and heavy learning in the private medical institutions. If this problem continues, the day will come when there is too many doctors in the country and doctors graduating from a med school cannot even work at all.

And that day is indeed very close.

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