Monday, July 19, 2010


my father still haven't bought me the broadband that i demanded so much..hehe. Yet, we're having a lot of obstacles lately and i'm glad to received a warm visit from my parent yesterday. Now i'm trying to posit on everyone's doing since tertiary studies have begun. Haha...there was this English teacher in the college, that told me in the class of the risk of taking English HL (High Level). She told us that only 1 student from the recent batch that managed to get an A. So much for an English huh? Nevertheless, i'm still trying to adapt myself in this awkward and absurd conditions of the college. So many things to be carry out, so many assignments and a lot of other activities to join (Note that i'm using the word 'so many'!). Alas, circumstance will change sooner or later, right? Will or nill, we just have to pass through another 2 years of determination and sacrifices. 

People told me that Klj Mara Banting is a good place to further your pre-u programme, but i dare to harbor maundering delusions of valiant grandeur on the topic. Still, it's quite an exciting place for those who love to be in pursuit of challenges..By necessity, we here have to work like ants and indeed, by far, i've worked more than an ant (i guess?)..Hehe..bye for now.

(Sorry, takleh upload gambar lagi)


Saturday, July 10, 2010


Fascinating isn't? for weeks i was not being able to post any form of post or what so ever, now i have the's here is shitty. seriously. The teachers here, they are in need for sympathies to be instilled in their hearts. Why? They're being too cruel to the students. And why is that? Simple. Have you ever thought of being stressed out with assignments? Try to posit (=imagine) to have assignments flowing in into your life like a flow of water. Mencurah-curah!

There was this time during the school's session (I wouldn't dare to call it 'college' session as this is proned to be a school rather than a college!), this ustaz came very late, 5 minutes before the break. And that 5 minutes was a complete catasthrope for all of us. "I want you to do power points, emm..some folios (Some folios?),..yeah..and em, well..i want you to memorize Surah Yassin as well...okay, thank you class..." Then he went out of the class..

We ware like, Huh?