Thursday, September 23, 2010


This Eid, i've never imagined to have such a fairly, large amount of duit raya, for my age of course.This is due to the reason that my big bro, who was not-that-older than me, has receive none. This raya is dull and gloomy. i don't the exact reason for that myself. We didn't return to Kelantan this year, which i presumed as a good sign, since every year it will turn out that we were trapped in a middle of a long, long traffic jam. Screw Mahathir for not initiating any highway in Kelantan. If there were highways in the state, the effect would be substantial; no more long lines and i can do other things with those saved-hours, a lot. But the fact that Kelantan has never been assumed to be sitting under the governance of the federal government has always been a major obstruction, haunting its citizens, who desperately imagine of modernisation in the state.  

A common story, inevitable during the celebration, accidents dude. People! I still wonder why people nowadays are still struggling to exile temselves from having the 'Doa' every single time before they start the journey. And there was this case of the murder of datuk Sosilawati in the middle of hari raya. Now, why would she be killed? A quarrel in the industry of cosmetics? I don't think so. Nonetheless, i've heard that the case was solved thanks to the voluptuous magnificence of our police force. Huhh..this time they've made it right. The case, somehow pictures how our forces move. It's not that they are attempting to forefend themselves from solving the case, but most of the cases were unsolved because the investigations do not occupy 2 basic things: 1. Financial allocation to continue the investigation 2. Attention from public.

The case of Sosilawati, for instance, has received wide public opinion. And in order to shun public unrest from rising, the police has made an immediate step by giving this case to Bukit Aman. And Dato' Seri Bakri Zinin has to pick up the burden, in which i believe will leave him unslept for several days.  

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

why do a doctor in the making...has to learn economics?!

it was then, a month ago when i've started to join the first lesson of economics. The question is, as stated above, is still in dispute and without doubt, hard to be answered. A common solution to this was that, "Ala..just go on with it la, no need to complaint'. I'm not complaining. it's just that it's, literally-speaking, i have to stand on an absurd-laden podium for me to posit future doctors to question on revenue, costs and inflation. Irrespective to that, i believed that it's of prime significance for us to understand a little bit, or even a small portion of the corporate world. I myself has planned that i will not turn out to be a doctor forever (what a plan!) It's not what you think like i don't have the ardor and altruism to become a healer but believe me, will you still want to stand there standing in the same operation room for hours when you're 75 years old?

Economics is an enticing field of study. This is, of course, due to the reason that there is no specific answer to a question. If there is an answer, however, filled with assumptions and a long array of seeming contradictions.

alas, circumstances change for everyone, isn't? Anyway, why do i insisted on telling myself that i love mathematic when the real fact (well, by referring to the previous test) had imparted a great contradiction? How on earth can these seniors that i've consulted to addressed that mathematics sl in Ib is a piece of cake? Annoying it is to a large extent.

I can't wait to be back to my 'jungle' (if you've read the previous post, then you'll understand). It has been way too long.