Friday, April 30, 2010


Cikgu Anizah, my add math teacher is truly somebody that I admire most, not in her behaviors or physical appearances, but it's due to the way she taught us math. Add math is not an easy subject isn't it?..haha...i still remembered the time when she entered our class and taught us on a certain new topic. The next day, she entered our class again, asking the question on the same topic that she taught us yesterday. And as expected from class 504, we failed to reply. The class went silent. A large portion of the time was spent just like that until the teacher gave up and answered the question herself. After the subject ended, one of my friends told me, 'Man, camne nak jawab kalau die tak ajar lagi kan?Ape la teacher....'. I didn't answer.

We Malays really like to complains aren't we?. If it was other people, they will certainly answer, 'What? Ko nak tunggu cikgu ajar ko dulu ke baru ko boleh jawab? Grow up laa..' Many friends of mine that were living in the kementerian schools were questioning me, 'Camne ko boleh ambik Bio ek? Susah giler kan subjek tu? Budak-budak nerd je yang ambik bio ni..' See? That's the way most of us including me avoided problems, which is by running away from them. Unlike us, people in the west solve their problems by facing them. Through solutions, they'll receive new opportunities to see something new.
Every time I went to the shopping mall, there will be this kind of advertisement at the wall sponsored by Nike, 'Just Do It'..Seeing that every single time I walk by the sports department will tickle me. Believe it or not, that 'Just Do It' thing is the secret to what I'm now...If i were to do something that is hard enough for me to deliver, my heart will slowly whisper..just do won't take long...jangan complain laa...hehe...Starting from now, we have to realize that Act 153 will not hold us forever. Later on, somebody will say enough to the act and then we're doom. Totally.

In act 2, scene 7 in As You Like It, Shakespeare quoted, 'All the world a stage, and all men and women merely players'. Which one do you want to be? The King or the maid? If you choose to become King, then ignore the complaints and move to ahead..( pukul 4.20 pagi..yawnnnnn)

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Tun Ghafar Baba is going to be a fun place if you know how to adapt yourself in the atmosphere of the school itself. I still recalled an unknown night when I was heading back from the cafe with a plastic of icy Milo and a box of Nasi Lemak in hands. It was dark at my block. Out of sudden, I heard some sort of loud sounds coming from the back of the block. Clearly hearing my friends voices, I ran to the spot, glaring at the scene. It was Payak and the others, mocking at the students of the Institut Kemahiran Mara beside our school. They were having a fight, word to word..haha..I've a lot of fun hearing them mocking at each other. One of those students in the IKM shouted out loud, 'Korang ingat korang budak MRSM pandai sangat aah!'. Then one of my friends replied, 'Dah korang bodoh sangat apasal?'.Their replies were followed by many censored words which shall not be written in this post...haha.. I laughed out loud. Having them fighting in front of me while eating my glorious Nasi Lemak was a lot of fun! At the end, I started to join forces with my friends, and of course, while eating.

6 minutes pasted by. I've still enjoyed eating and looking at my friends..until..some stones came by..We stood there shocked..More stones coming in. Now I started to get shaky. One of the stones hit our windows and the glass shattered into pieces at the back of my dorm. Then I realized that staying there, watching them was a fool's errand. I've to leave my half-eaten N.Lemak and ran away. It's not that I'm running away due to the stones that were flying above my head, but I ran when I've noticed that some of the IKM's students were breaking in into the school's ground at the far end of the the field..maybe for revenge..Trust me, you really don't want to get hit by angry silhouettes of IKMs.

We're foolish at that time. Luckily nothing happened as both sides withdrew at the end. Moral of the story, take good care of your mouth. Something bad may happen if you don't. Haha..feel free to live any comment. But I still regretted about my unfinished Nasi took me 3 ringgit dow...(including the Milo laa).

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Haha..I'm typing this post due to the critics that were highlighted by many in a lot of conversations between teachers. Since both of  my parents are teachers, I've heard a lot of talk regarding the lack of budget allocations in many schools. Recently, my father told me that the financial support allocated for many schools were merely cut by half or a third. Wow...that's quite a lot.

I don't even care of the lack of budget was due to the economic downturn that occurred recently, yet I've heard that our government is spending a lot in this 1 Malaysia thingy. Billions have been spent just to convince the people that this concept will work. In order to support this new reformation, more money that were allocated for the schools are being absorbed. If this goes on in the future, the schools will undergo a tremendous effects in term of  lacking in the educational executions and implementations for our junior students. So, how did the ministry handled this? First, they send students to their respective homes at the weekend for the sake of saving electrical bills. Second, they let the students suffer from the heat as the fans are turned off at the morning of every single school day. Third, a lot of allocations were cut for the management purpose of the school; repairing and etc.

We must always understand that education is the core of a nation. If we fail to deliver the appropriate knowledge for the students, then we're at fault when we see how Malaysia will collapse in years to come. Rather than having all of those money to be spent in political rhetorics, I think it's better to allocate them to the students. Even the Chinese and the Indians are complaining about their scholarship status right now when more than 1.6 billion is being spent to give scholarships to the Malay. Feel free to leave any comment. TQ.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I've just watched another movie which stands on the platform as one of the greatest plays ever in the 16th century by Will. Shakespeare; Shakespeare in Love. The movie, though made in 1998, is still very heavy and beautiful, not to mention how deep it is when it comes to cross-loved between two different person on a very different background; a commoner of the Montague and a daughter of  the noble Capulet. This is the first time ever for me to watch such a movie as the last anime that I've seen influenced me so much to discover more around this literally-made life of Romeo and Juliet.

I've still remembered explicitly when Miss Zie (English teacher back then) thought us on a poem in our secondary study: The Sonnet 18. This 18th sonnet written by Shakespeare himself circles around a life of a young man, loving another young man. Weird eh? But for the sake of argument, the picture in the book clearly showed a man and a woman, loving each other. At the first place, the whole class thought that Shakespeare was a homosexual person as for him to fall in love with a man. Nonetheless, there is one truth that lie beyond the eyes of everyone..and I believe that every single student that learn Sonnet 18 was tricked.

The persona of the poem, the 'man' that Shakespeare loved was mere an abstract to me. How did i knew this? I start to figure it out through the movie and the background of the early plays during the era of Queen Elizabeth. At that time, no woman can become an actor or play in a play. Hence, in the play of Romeo and Juliet, Juliet had to be disguised by a man, hence forth creating a character of a man in the Sonnet 18. 

Complex and complicated to be understood? Then go and watch the movie. I really love to go back to the 16th century, clapping at the play of our Shakespeare. Alas, Malaysian people is still far left behind in this kind of play.  I hope to see an improvement. Please, leave a comment behind.


Have you ever watched one? I guess everyone have seen an anime at least one in our life. I'm a big fan of anime too and yet, the real reason for me to love it is not due to the actions, beautiful graphics, or what so-ever causes that the people see in the anime, but the real cause for me to watch anime is for their values that are executed by the characters. Sometimes, I don't know how to put it, but I believe that I really learnt a lot from watching them.

I have watched tons of animes that really emphasized great values or the bad one. Usually, I prefer to see some animes with an extremely heavy story-lines. I did remembered watching an anime entitled Neon Genesis Evangelion. The funny part is that I have to watched the anime itself with a 100 pages of descriptions at a new tab in the internet so that I can understand what the hell is going in the's so complicated that one of my friend who also fall in love with the show started to go crazy thinking on how depressing, complex and full-of-emotions that anime was. 

A boy usually don't watch anime with the theme of romanticism or an anime with the implementation of love. So do I. However, I believed that I should watch one, just for the sake of seeing a new perspective of storyline that I have not discovered before. And when I'm typing this post, I'd just finished watching Romeo x Juliet (don't get me wrong! haha)..and I must say, now I understand why most of the youths nowadays are involved in falling in love with somebody. Because through that anime, I guess love is just beautiful.

Feel free to leave any comment or criticism.

Monday, April 26, 2010


This one is a special post since it's not about me, my friend or even anyone, but it's for an element that we are living in, the once-beautiful earth. It's been quite a long time since our mother earth enjoyed herself, living in the green just before we were sent down here. I've known a knowledge in the Christian, saying that every single human in this world will own Seven different sins; Envy, Wrath, Greed, Gluttony, Lust, Sloth and Pride. And due to this sins, we have brought terrible effects to the third party, the mother earth.

Yesterday's evening, there has been some sort of a ceremony to celebrate this Earth Day in the school that I'm living in. I know nothing about it. However, due to my respect to my mother earth and my father time, I'm writing this post in the middle of the morning just to remind all of us that we are borrowing the future from our grandchildren. The world that they are going to live in the future depends greatly on the world that we shape today onwards. Two days ago I've received words telling me about an earthquake in north of Mississippi, US and lately, we've received  a lot of news regarding to natural disasters that happened in many corners of the world.

Have you ever wondered what you will feel like if you know that your house will be engulfed by a huge tsunami two hours from now? I believe majority will run away but disasters hit without warning. I praised those organizations, academicians or even personals who put an effort in ensuring that this old world will survive even a minute longer. Thank you very much for your deeds and hard works.

I'm happy to hear any comments or criticism from you.
Until then,
Luqman (Earth Day Celebration)

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Abby Slanders is one of those people that i keep following in the community of bloggers. Currently, she is in the attempt to become one of the youngest sailors that circles the world alone without any help in her adventure. Being two years younger than me, this Abby had shown courage more than anyone else that we can find among any other16-years-old teenagers, even in our country. I just couldn't imagine how somebody so young can travel alone without any fear for pirates and those ten-foot waves that will hit her yacht. Currently, she is having difficulties with her auto-pilot system that will jeopardize her journey home. Regardless on what kind of obstacles that she met in her journey, she mentioned in her blog that she will not give up until she reached her goal. Impressive huh? 

Due to her mechanical malfunctions, she will take the opportunity to let  go of her dream of traveling non-stop around the world. She mentioned it as a complete 'failure'..haha..when i read this in her blog, i burst to laugh! How on earth can she told the bloggers that her journey was a failure when making the decision to travel around the world alone was already a huge success. Come to think about it, not many of us, or even the boys, would put the risk to go on a yacht, traveling hundreds of thousands miles for 6 months non-stop. Yet, due to the criticisms that she received, she decided to circle the earth again just to prove that  she is worth for the title of the youngest sailor! 

This is an achievement that Malaysians should seek for. Something beyond the limit of expectations. Truly, Abby Sunderlands will become one of my greatest aspirations due to her bravery, strength, courage and maturity in making decisions although she is a female and a younger person than me.

Friday, April 23, 2010


Class 504 was the class that i have stayed two years ago when i had my secondary study at Tun Ghafar Baba. We had a lot of memories back there. I've joined the class in 2008 and back then, it was a class of 24 (if I'm not mistaken). Being an anonymous and a stranger, i slowly started to developed my social life with all of them since most of our activities there will involve all of us working together. I still remembered the once well-known Paan, who was a great class president during that moment. However being unlucky and being too enthusiast in his works, Paan was succeeded by Syahmi, another funny friend of mine with a nickname of Pirate. 

We enjoyed ourselves the most at the tip of 2009, where SPM countdowns were no longer something that we should ignore..haha. I still remembered during that BBQ night, we had a game named as Truth or Dare. It was fun seeing people revealing their dark secrets to the others. Even unexpected scenes occurred where the most well-mannered, vulnerable girl in the class suddenly appeared as the biggest Gossip girl in the history. It was due to the game that i really understood the true color of behaviors of my classmates. And again, Paan did became the victim of circumstances..poor him.

Now 4 months had passed since our last gathering and everyone are having their own time in life. Some of them continued their study, making driving license, doing part-time job and even sleeping all day long (like me). Maybe we can meet again some other time in the nearest future.

Truly, it was a great honor for me to know you guys.


Recently, I've heard on a a story of a boy that have cheated a lot of people, including those that are from the royal family themselves. This boy, Zulanif have involve in an espionage mission when he made himself as an impostor when appearing in front of many official ceremonies as an adopted son of the Pahang Royal Family. He named himself as Yang Mulia Tuan Muda Mohamad Zulanif Tengku Laksamana Abdullah. At the first sight, i felt called to laugh and impressed on how the heck can he passed through multiple securities in the royal family. 

The funny part was when he made himself as a VIP in an official ceremony at a PLKN camp, wearing an official PLKN shirt with an initial of 'Tuan Muda'. It made it even funnier when the person that was escorting this tuan muda is the PLKN Director General himself. Then, he was the one giving the some sort of medal of awards to the trainees there. Many were fooled. 

Personally, i was ashamed and quite impressed with his act. I was ashamed due to the reason that as a boy who is at the same age as me, he misused his intelligent and created a great havoc among the society. But, i was impressed with his bravery in putting himself in danger in dealing with the royal family and some high-ranked officials in a game of impostors. 

I truly believe that his talent can be used by the government by giving him a chance working with the Malaysian Intelligence or with the Secret Service since he had involved himself deeply in this 007-like game.


Hi again..this my 11th post for the blog. This post is all about an incident that occurred to one of the students in the school near my house. Even in the past, i still remembered attending an appointment with the doctors when I'm sick at Tun Ghafar Baba. Yet, a large portion of the students that attended the appointment were not really sick at's all for the sake of having an MC in hand to skip school. However, the next story that I'm going elaborate is not about getting an MC at all, but this female student was extremely sick with multiple ulcers in her stomach. I just can't imagine how an ulcer in the stomach would feel like when having an ulcer in the mouth alone is painful enough.

Due to her disease, she made an appointment with the doctor in a nearby clinic. She went there with other students who had some other popular-school diseases; fever or cold, but it seemed to be that she really needed immediate medical attention when she felt a lot of pain in her stomach. Afterward, she met with an HEA (I don't know what it stands for but the job is much similar to a medical assistant, MA). The HEA took her to the room where he will check her. Standing there with them is a nurse. The problem starts here when the female student is uncomfortable with the way the HEA treated her. The HEA's hand was moving haywire, touching things that shouldn't be touched by a man (you understand right?). She immediately cried. This is a phenomenon that shouldn't happened at the first place where sexual harassment occurred during a serious medical treatment.

Isn't it quite unprofessional or should i say, unethical when a medical officer do things beyond the limit of his job? The case did not stop there, what about the nurse? Didn't she stopped him from those things? Well, i heard story saying that the nurse herself also scolded the female students to just move along with the 'treatment'...Until today i still don't know what had happened to the HEA and the nurse.

Still, I truly regretted that such things can happened to a patient who was in need for a great medical attention.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Lately, i start to realize something odd in the Malaysian history of entertainment, specifically, in what we called as the reality program shows; Akademi fantasia, Mentor and many other programs that are hiring superstar-wannabes. The strange part is, i still remembered when i was young, my siblings and i rushed in front of the tv on Friday night, waiting to watch the elimination of students in the Akademi fantasia, yet, it stopped to occur these days..hehe...i really don't get it but i strongly believe that these reality programs are going too far in producing  too much of these new and fresh artists.
So, with the abundance of these artists around every single corner of the country, i can see that the competition among them to get a spot in the society is very high. It's time to get a new solution. In the Asian countries like Japan, China and Korea, the system is very much different compared to the system of producing artists in our country. In Malaysia, an audition is made and the artists are being trained in the academy or a few months and they are being eliminated one by one for each week and this process repeated itself for the next few years, making people sick to see those cries from the students at the elimination concert.

As more and more young artists are being produced, it seemed to be harder for them to get money from their shows due to the competition. I have one solution and i didn't create it, but i copied it from my very own observation in the Korean entertainment lately. In Korea, they made what we call as a long-run profit. It starts with an audition too but the auditions involve applicant from a very, very young age (maybe 9 years-old). When the audition is done, the contract is made and the people who won the audition will be trained thoroughly for years until the day come for them to be called as artists or idols. They will stick to the company that hired them for many years ahead and starting from that, they will be continuously developed until they can perform internationally. This is far better than producing artists and let them to find their way on their own.

However, when an artist or a group of idols step on the global stage, the sky is the limit. For instance, even the Korean idols, Super Junior, Wonder Girl or the SDSN are being well when they perform in Los Angeles, Indonesia, Japan, China or even at the Stadium Bukit Jalil in KL on the last March 2010. How can they do it? I believe it's because they have companies who managed their songs and performances.

I hope that we can do the same or else we can never see any performers from the country performing in LA.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Malaysia, a country with 26 millions inhabitants now currently and i must say, surprisingly have more than 22 medical schools right now. The question is, why in a great country like in the UK only has more or less, 10 medical institution? What happened?
This is a phenomenon that happened when the government pronounced that the public sector is in need for more doctors to fill up the vacancies. The problem started to rose when many private universities or colleges offer medical field as one of the available courses to be chosen. So, wealthy families that have children with not-so-good result in SPM start to force their children to take medicine as their major for the sake to keep their standard as an elite family or only to let people to see their son being initialed with Dr. in front of their names. Therefore, i found these colleges that are so new that I've never heard of their existence in offering medical field until i made a little research; 

1.Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (NuMED)
2.Taylor's University College, School of Medicine
3.Cyberjaya University College of Medical Science, Faculty of Medicine
4.Allianze College of Medical Science, Faculty of Medicine

And another 20 med school available in this country. Even Singapore only has one university that offer medicine. How can we have 2 dozens of med schools? The effect is tremendously terrible in another one or two decades when unqualified doctors are being produced. It is reported that every year 4000 doctors are being produced in this country itself, followed by another thousand that are coming from UK, Ireland, Australia, Russia, Ukraine, Egypt. Doctors that graduated from overseas and in public universities are unquestionably qualified as they were once the best brains of the nation. But doctors produced from private colleges are still worrying me. Maybe one day, the backgrounds of the doctor in charge of the patient will become an aspect of treatment; where he graduated and his exam results.

Still, many parents are still not aware of this and still sent their unqualified children to the med school and tortured them with complex and heavy learning in the private medical institutions. If this problem continues, the day will come when there is too many doctors in the country and doctors graduating from a med school cannot even work at all.

And that day is indeed very close.


Sci movies are movies that used up a large amount of computer generated imagery (CGI) in pursue to make the storyline of  a certain movie to look spectacular..i really enjoyed looking at these movies of the most spectacular movie that i have watched since i was small was a war-plotted movie entitled as the Starship Troopers. It's a great movie with an astonishing visual effects that made me felt like the movie is the idol of all great cgi-based movies that came afterward; Star Wars, Clash of Titans and Avatar..

The very reason of why i'm writing this post is because I just ended watched Starship Troopers again in the HBO at 5.30 in the morning. This is just the 2nd time i'm watching this movie, yet it's still quite catchy. Anyway, compared to the malaysian movies, indeed they were a few intiatives taken by the local directors in developing movies that require a large portion if CGI technique such as the Cicakman, MySpy and Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa that will be coming soon enough. Nonetheless, this approach is only taken bravely by one of the leading local companies, commonly known as KRU lead by Yusri. I must praise them for their drastic approach. 

The thing is, the difference between the real reason for directors to make movies between this country and the west is so obvious. In the west, most of the directors are creating movies that will satisfy the viewers. Through the satisfaction, money will flow in. It's totally different in Malaysia. Directors here are creating movies just for a bunch of bucks into their pockets and put the viewer satisfactions behind. That's why most of the Malaysian movies are loved-themed or movies with ghosts that gives nothing but shits. These movies do not require a lot CGIs, and therefore less money is needed for the production. Hence, i sketched a few major factors that has led to this situation. One, lack of financial support from any available sponsors including the government (since those money are being used for corruptions anyway). Second, lack of production skills in human resource. Lucky for us, many established universities like the Limkokwing are producing fresh graduates in the major of media and i believe we can see the improvement in the nearest future.

Do you notice the great visual effects that we can actually see in the Malay drama Nur Kasih, it's all thanks to the great effort by the Limkokwing Uni.I really am looking for a Malaysian version of Avatar in the years ahead.


I-SWEEEP is a new science competition that recently has received a lot of attention by Mara in order to put the students to go beyond the limit of extracurricular..and also, in fact it really did put Mara in a havoc in term of financial crisis with a cost of more than a 100,000 ringgit to be spent onto the students. And recently, MRSM Muadzam has been given the honor to participate in this event. Since I'm the only person who was available with the experience in the event, i was told to help them in any way that i can. I did not help them because I was forced to do it, but I did it because i thought of a long-term offer. I thought, maybe if i help them, when they went there to the United States, they can buy some Polo or Nike shirts as some sort of a souvenir and that will benefit me most..hahaha..

This year Tun Ghafar Baba will send three teams, a team from Taiping, Kuantan and Muadzam Shah respectively. And by 21st April, I've heard that 4 teams received silver medals with two teams received special awards from the NGOs there. I was told that they should have went home already but due the volcanic ash that appeared around Europe, they have to spent two more nights in Paris, France at the Malaysian Embassy. Lucky them to spend another two nights watching the Eiffel Tower..haha....

And since that they have already stepped on the land of France, i did not miss the chance to force them to bring me back something from France, even if it is a piece of sand from that country of fashion. Then, i personally call En.Saffrin, the head of delegate, to buy me some key chains from the airport...haha..I've told you that this will benefit me most...and congratulation to them for carving another history to Mara.


Being interviewed is a pivotal part in order for someone to win a scholarship. I've chosen Mara as a platform for my dream in the near future. My interview was in Kuantan State Mara Office, 24th floor. Alongside with me was my father and we departed early since my interview will start at 9.00 am in the morning. After having our breakfast the Zaman Stall (nearby Kuantan military airport), we rushed to the office as fast as we can. I entered the office and met a lot of new faces that i didn't recognize at all. The first person that I've talked to was a boy from Sek. Alam Shah (I've called him 'boy' because he was shorter than me)..hahaha..and he went to the 23rd floor for the biotechnology and dentistry interview sessions. The other person that i just knew in the lift was also from the Kementerian, and he wished to took engineering as his major.

I took a lift and rose to the 24th floor. I was astonished as they were no boys at all in the floor of medicine. It was all girls, glazing at me like I'm some kind of a criminal. The funny part is, when i tried to walk manly and handsomely in from of those girls, my right leg get stuck in the wire that connected the fan and the plug, and i fall instantaneously. Everybody laughed...But, when i think about it again, i may have helped them. When they laughed, they may have lost the fear for the interviewing part, so i deserved some respect..hahaha...Still, i wondered where were the boys at that very moment. Did they extincted? 

Then after a few minutes, a boy appeared and gladly he's from MRSM Taiping. I've also met a few students from Tun Ghafar Baba and we talked a lot and so loud that the officer who was controlling the interview warned as to remain silent. Out of 23 participants, only 4 boys were there. Not many male doctors now eh..? The officer also told us that Mara always sent more female participants to overseas even in the engineering sector. Another thing that make me felt odd that a lot of boys attending for the session were so well-mannered and (i shouldn't say this) more or less like a geek..haha..

Normal or not, our country still need these minds in order to put this country as a better medical tourism spot at the global stage...and oh interview went just fine....


Last three weeks, i took my road test nearby Gambang, Pahang. The academy is located at the side of the road on the way to Kuantan. We depart in early morning so that we can finish the test early and went back home earlier. The journey took us more than 2 hours. At the lobby of the academy, we must pay a few hundred ringgit, then we can take the test. One officer told me during my payment, 'Adik nak yang biase ke yang 'special'?'. I do believe that the term 'special' that she mentioned referred to the extra payment that must be paid so that we are guaranteed to pass the test without any failure. Since my wallet has that particular sum of money, i took the 'special' test. She told me that this is not going to be counted as what we called as BRIBE -GIVING situation. Then, I questioned myself, if this is not bribe-giving, then what else?

I'm not coming alone. Along with me were 5 more friends that I just knew for the past few weeks. They were taking the test with me too. I started my motorcycle test and past with flying colors. The funny part is, the other senior, whom i believed an IPTA student also took part in the test with me and he failed. Failing the motorcycle is not funny, but when he put the blame on the motorcycle is the funniest..i broke to laugh without an end. He told me that the brake of the motorcycle was too sensitive and the handle of the bike was just not right. I nodded agreeing with a laugh in my mouth silently.

When people told me that Malaysia is a country full of corruptions, i couldn't agree more. It's so true. Why? Because I can really see the corruption in front of my very own handsome face. The story started when it was my turn to take the car test. I believe that I've done the right thing without any flaw at all. So, I think that even if I  don't pay the 'extra-payment', i will still past the test completely. Yet, one of my friend, who took the same test with me paid extra-money to the academy, did not even took the test properly. He did not even do the parking test, yet in his slip, he completed the test without any failure. The policeman that surveyed him during the test gave him first-class service and smiled to him throughout the test. Maybe he knew that a large portion of the extra-payment will fly into his pocket any way.

The other 5 friends of mine failed the test completely. All of them. One of them argued with the police officer that was with him in the car. That friend of mine did not even drived 10 meters outside of the academy and he failed without any reason. I've researched the situation a little bit and i found out someone has to pay more money in order to repeat the failed test. Maybe, some of the next payment will slip into the police's pockets too.  Out of those who sit for the test from my district, I'm the only who passed the test.

I believe this explains why police officers nowadays are so fat. Yet, not all of them are involved in this scheme. I still do believe that police force  is a fundamental part to protect and to pronounce safety in our country.


For the last 6 years i condemned those of my friends who watched Korean dramas or being too addicted with the Korean songs, normally referred as K-pop..haha..but I still don't know how this kind of thing can happened to me. One sunny morning, i met my friends (whom i will explain later in other posts), and they were into the world of Korean entertainment deeply, especially in their dramas or songs. At first, I thought that those boys who are into this new form of entertainment are nuts. In Malay, we call them like 'jiwang' or something like that. In reality, when he approached me and shown me some videos, i really don't care much...hahaha...not until the next 4 weeks, when i re-opened those videos that they have shown me..and it caught me instantly. Now i know that those words when my friends told me; 'You will like it,trust me' is actually a time bomb that will only blow after a few weeks in one's mind...hahaha
But, Korean drama has a few significant differences compared to the Malay drama. Indeed, i really don't understand why Malay drama is not expanding itself in a new view that will enlighten the viewers. To make it clear, why most people in the world really sees Korean or Japanese drama as a great form of entertainment and why they didn't see Malay drama as a great show. I believe that we know the answer really well. It's because Malay drama always emphasize the same thing over and over again. Majority of the Malay drama will involve in the same plot that will never change. It's like most of characters in the drama will have the title of 'Datuk', driving a Mercedes car and involve in a  plot to take over the family's companies. Besides, the love part is a must in every Malay drama.
This is a phenomenon that need to be altered in order to ensure that the quality of entertainment in this country will always remain relevant to the people and people will not get bored over dramas that has the same plot. And what about the Korean drama that people really love so much? Is it more or less the same? Again the loving part is a must right? Yes, but most of the dramas move in a very different way or should I say creative storylines that made us amazed by the slowly-expanding and unexpected plots. I really do believe that the Malaysian directors really need to learn from them. 

Another question, why did 'Nur Kasih' is such a big hit in the entertainment industry? It's because the storyline were developed creatively and were implemented with unexpected conflicts that really put the audience astonished. I believe that's how a drama should be made.


Every year we heard excellent students are being produced by the country educational system, and still, every year we will hear problems regarding the scholarship issues are being quoted every where, mainly by parents in which their sons or daughters are taking the big exam in that particular year. And surprisingly, these issues were not greatly taken into consideration by our dear government.

First, the question of right. We believe that the constitutions in this country are always being respected for the last 50 years and being well-pronounced in our history textbook as something constant and need to put in the highest priority. One of them is all about the right of the Bumis that need to be protected in any term either in economy or education. But is it too much when I heard that a Chinese student in this country cannot get a scholarship from the government, yet, she possessed a great record in her SPM slip with 10A1 and 1A2. I believe that something is not right here. I'm not against our government but still something is just not right.

And I did heard that many of our ministers' children were given scholarship though they possessed bad results in their big exams. Nevertheless, if their results were good, I don't really mind..haha.. but it's still funny to see them flew to overseas, learning in top-notch universities with a bad history in SPM in hand. Again, this is a question of unfairness to other students that really deserved and will definitely become a great asset to the country in the future.

Who are we to stop the cries of those talented and gifted students that should continue their studies but yet has to stop due to financial issues which were not being resolved for such a long long time already. This is not what the National Education Philosophy told us....


One day, i woke up early..i still want to sleep, yet out of sudden my father told me 'Ngah, g la makan kuewteau kat kanten'. Hearing that word itself makes me hungry more than you can ever imagine...haha...I rushed to take my bath and went straight to the nearby canteen in the school..the auntie there, like usual when she saw me, 'Kuewteauw?' haha..i laugh out loud..when i was eating, she approached me and sit next to me..a moment of silence did came for while just before she started the conversation..we talked a lot before she opened a story about her daughter who was still studying in a secondary school nearby..

The most touching part of the talk was that when she mentioned about her daughter being discriminated from the teachers as she is sitting in a lower-leveled class with students with lower capability in their academic performances..she questioned why most of the teachers were being unfair to her and her classmates when they were it right for the teachers to be unserious during class just because they are sitting in a class that cannot contribute towards the school great academic record..

This is another problem that the government must face in order to ensure that the younger generation is given the right education skill that they deserve to have..and for the teachers that did this, it's not a question of the level of intellectual but this is a question of professionalism and dignity...even in Singapore, to become a teacher is not going to be an easy task even if you have great academic track....


As far as i know...the difference between my life before and after the big exam was so vast that i really don't believe that this would really be my life after the exam..let me start by telling you a little bit about my life in school; wake up at 6 in the morning, has some sort of a roll call in the early morning with a yawn in everyone's face, and learn for 6-10 hours straight!Well..after SPM, a straight sleep until 2 pm is still nothing!haha...i love it..nevertheless, i knew this is a short-run fun..

There were many things that i have decided to do after the big exam; eating, sleeping, working, learning tennis, playing games, create a facebook etc..haha...i love to do it all but until today i did not achieve any of it yet..still, i manage to learn tennis in a tennis class near my house led by Cg Zamani which was once a state coach for the Pahang team in Sukma..i was so wrong when i thought that playing tennis is very similar to playing table tennis since both sports has the 'tennis' word in them (since i like table tennis) is wonder why until today some the UNITEN students nearby my house are showing off when they carry the tennis bag everywhere they go, yet when they are playing, how can I put this, they were like musketeers swinging swords around to hit the ball. It's a game that need a close supervision and training. Just like other games like swimming, basketball or even soccer. You cannot just play but everything has its own uniqueness that people must master in order to obtain what we call as the 'art' of playing games.

What about working. Well, people in my school will acknowledge me as a lazy boy, i myself can't deny it since it's so true..but, it's not that I'm making excuses not to work, but in this small town of Muadzam, it's absolutely impossible for fresh students like us to find a job here as they were quickly filled by the local and by the aborigines that want to find money. Even the highest rated job that is available around here is working at the 7-Eleven since this town is so, so lacking in term of its facilities with only countable units of stores available.  That's why it's quite odd for somebody like me to think that this town is being entitled as 'bandar' since it didn't even past the standard of a 'pekan'..haha...

Even finding friends is hard enough. I envy those who lives outside.