Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Being interviewed is a pivotal part in order for someone to win a scholarship. I've chosen Mara as a platform for my dream in the near future. My interview was in Kuantan State Mara Office, 24th floor. Alongside with me was my father and we departed early since my interview will start at 9.00 am in the morning. After having our breakfast the Zaman Stall (nearby Kuantan military airport), we rushed to the office as fast as we can. I entered the office and met a lot of new faces that i didn't recognize at all. The first person that I've talked to was a boy from Sek. Alam Shah (I've called him 'boy' because he was shorter than me)..hahaha..and he went to the 23rd floor for the biotechnology and dentistry interview sessions. The other person that i just knew in the lift was also from the Kementerian, and he wished to took engineering as his major.

I took a lift and rose to the 24th floor. I was astonished as they were no boys at all in the floor of medicine. It was all girls, glazing at me like I'm some kind of a criminal. The funny part is, when i tried to walk manly and handsomely in from of those girls, my right leg get stuck in the wire that connected the fan and the plug, and i fall instantaneously. Everybody laughed...But, when i think about it again, i may have helped them. When they laughed, they may have lost the fear for the interviewing part, so i deserved some respect..hahaha...Still, i wondered where were the boys at that very moment. Did they extincted? 

Then after a few minutes, a boy appeared and gladly he's from MRSM Taiping. I've also met a few students from Tun Ghafar Baba and we talked a lot and so loud that the officer who was controlling the interview warned as to remain silent. Out of 23 participants, only 4 boys were there. Not many male doctors now eh..? The officer also told us that Mara always sent more female participants to overseas even in the engineering sector. Another thing that make me felt odd that a lot of boys attending for the session were so well-mannered and (i shouldn't say this) more or less like a geek..haha..

Normal or not, our country still need these minds in order to put this country as a better medical tourism spot at the global stage...and oh yeah...my interview went just fine....

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Anonymous said...

funny and interesting story...hope you will get the scholarship n always succeed in your life