Friday, April 23, 2010


Class 504 was the class that i have stayed two years ago when i had my secondary study at Tun Ghafar Baba. We had a lot of memories back there. I've joined the class in 2008 and back then, it was a class of 24 (if I'm not mistaken). Being an anonymous and a stranger, i slowly started to developed my social life with all of them since most of our activities there will involve all of us working together. I still remembered the once well-known Paan, who was a great class president during that moment. However being unlucky and being too enthusiast in his works, Paan was succeeded by Syahmi, another funny friend of mine with a nickname of Pirate. 

We enjoyed ourselves the most at the tip of 2009, where SPM countdowns were no longer something that we should ignore..haha. I still remembered during that BBQ night, we had a game named as Truth or Dare. It was fun seeing people revealing their dark secrets to the others. Even unexpected scenes occurred where the most well-mannered, vulnerable girl in the class suddenly appeared as the biggest Gossip girl in the history. It was due to the game that i really understood the true color of behaviors of my classmates. And again, Paan did became the victim of circumstances..poor him.

Now 4 months had passed since our last gathering and everyone are having their own time in life. Some of them continued their study, making driving license, doing part-time job and even sleeping all day long (like me). Maybe we can meet again some other time in the nearest future.

Truly, it was a great honor for me to know you guys.

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ila zuber said...

hehehe....i know who's that gurl... msti ramai x cayer en...