Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Last three weeks, i took my road test nearby Gambang, Pahang. The academy is located at the side of the road on the way to Kuantan. We depart in early morning so that we can finish the test early and went back home earlier. The journey took us more than 2 hours. At the lobby of the academy, we must pay a few hundred ringgit, then we can take the test. One officer told me during my payment, 'Adik nak yang biase ke yang 'special'?'. I do believe that the term 'special' that she mentioned referred to the extra payment that must be paid so that we are guaranteed to pass the test without any failure. Since my wallet has that particular sum of money, i took the 'special' test. She told me that this is not going to be counted as what we called as BRIBE -GIVING situation. Then, I questioned myself, if this is not bribe-giving, then what else?

I'm not coming alone. Along with me were 5 more friends that I just knew for the past few weeks. They were taking the test with me too. I started my motorcycle test and past with flying colors. The funny part is, the other senior, whom i believed an IPTA student also took part in the test with me and he failed. Failing the motorcycle is not funny, but when he put the blame on the motorcycle is the funniest..i broke to laugh without an end. He told me that the brake of the motorcycle was too sensitive and the handle of the bike was just not right. I nodded agreeing with a laugh in my mouth silently.

When people told me that Malaysia is a country full of corruptions, i couldn't agree more. It's so true. Why? Because I can really see the corruption in front of my very own handsome face. The story started when it was my turn to take the car test. I believe that I've done the right thing without any flaw at all. So, I think that even if I  don't pay the 'extra-payment', i will still past the test completely. Yet, one of my friend, who took the same test with me paid extra-money to the academy, did not even took the test properly. He did not even do the parking test, yet in his slip, he completed the test without any failure. The policeman that surveyed him during the test gave him first-class service and smiled to him throughout the test. Maybe he knew that a large portion of the extra-payment will fly into his pocket any way.

The other 5 friends of mine failed the test completely. All of them. One of them argued with the police officer that was with him in the car. That friend of mine did not even drived 10 meters outside of the academy and he failed without any reason. I've researched the situation a little bit and i found out someone has to pay more money in order to repeat the failed test. Maybe, some of the next payment will slip into the police's pockets too.  Out of those who sit for the test from my district, I'm the only who passed the test.

I believe this explains why police officers nowadays are so fat. Yet, not all of them are involved in this scheme. I still do believe that police force  is a fundamental part to protect and to pronounce safety in our country.


Anonymous said...

for sure the extra money is considered as a bribe..
well, that's y i hate our current gov't..
coz, if our gov't has a really strict law bout corruption, den we could 4 sure reduce this behavior..
xctlly, not only the gov't has probs, our prime minister has porbs though..

Luqman Safwan C.M Fauzi said...

you can't just hate the government..
it's the personals who admire corruption the blame should be put on to..sometimes the opposition also have these personals..

and again..most of us really looking for power but not the responsibility....

Anonymous said...

how much is the bayaran tambahan??

Luqman Safwan C.M Fauzi said...

to my betik a.k.a papaya..
klau nak lulus dua2 (kreta moto) kene tambah extra 300..camtu la

Anonymous said...

aku ingat rm30 je, nie sampai 300 baik aku amik lesen pilot je camtu... hahaha