Tuesday, April 20, 2010


For the last 6 years i condemned those of my friends who watched Korean dramas or being too addicted with the Korean songs, normally referred as K-pop..haha..but I still don't know how this kind of thing can happened to me. One sunny morning, i met my friends (whom i will explain later in other posts), and they were into the world of Korean entertainment deeply, especially in their dramas or songs. At first, I thought that those boys who are into this new form of entertainment are nuts. In Malay, we call them like 'jiwang' or something like that. In reality, when he approached me and shown me some videos, i really don't care much...hahaha...not until the next 4 weeks, when i re-opened those videos that they have shown me..and it caught me instantly. Now i know that those words when my friends told me; 'You will like it,trust me' is actually a time bomb that will only blow after a few weeks in one's mind...hahaha
But, Korean drama has a few significant differences compared to the Malay drama. Indeed, i really don't understand why Malay drama is not expanding itself in a new view that will enlighten the viewers. To make it clear, why most people in the world really sees Korean or Japanese drama as a great form of entertainment and why they didn't see Malay drama as a great show. I believe that we know the answer really well. It's because Malay drama always emphasize the same thing over and over again. Majority of the Malay drama will involve in the same plot that will never change. It's like most of characters in the drama will have the title of 'Datuk', driving a Mercedes car and involve in a  plot to take over the family's companies. Besides, the love part is a must in every Malay drama.
This is a phenomenon that need to be altered in order to ensure that the quality of entertainment in this country will always remain relevant to the people and people will not get bored over dramas that has the same plot. And what about the Korean drama that people really love so much? Is it more or less the same? Again the loving part is a must right? Yes, but most of the dramas move in a very different way or should I say creative storylines that made us amazed by the slowly-expanding and unexpected plots. I really do believe that the Malaysian directors really need to learn from them. 

Another question, why did 'Nur Kasih' is such a big hit in the entertainment industry? It's because the storyline were developed creatively and were implemented with unexpected conflicts that really put the audience astonished. I believe that's how a drama should be made.


Anonymous said...

hey dude, do u where is da bes place to download korean movees..?

Luqman Safwan Che Mohd Fauzi said...

Try Mysoju.com..hope it helps

probelamaniac said...

once, i was reallly addicted to this kind of kdrama o jdrama (at that time was winter sonata, autumn in my heart,gto..etc)
time passed by,,i felt sick of them coz that kdrama also has the same storyline)LOVE,,plus they had cute guys..however when i watched east of eden(kdrama) recently,,
it changed my mind n prespective..
the same as you,,but i still rejected the kdrama about love n cute guys(bof)
the point is
what we used to hate will be what we will like,,

Luqman Safwan Che Mohd Fauzi said...

girls love the loved-theme drama..
i can't deny that..
so, how did east of eden changed your perspective in watching drama?

probelamaniac said...

well,,east of eden is heavy drama
its not just focused on love only
there were sacrifices,lies,blood and money factor in it.if i can compare its not the same as boys over flower or coffee prince etc..
maybe i am getting older so that i am more interested in drama which not focus on love only.

Luqman Safwan Che Mohd Fauzi said...

i believe u are not getting older..
hahaha..it's just that we love to see something that emphasize a new approach...that's all

muhammadwan said...

suggest me a few korean dramas pls. of course, if can, suitable for men. ;X