Tuesday, April 20, 2010


One day, i woke up early..i still want to sleep, yet out of sudden my father told me 'Ngah, g la makan kuewteau kat kanten'. Hearing that word itself makes me hungry more than you can ever imagine...haha...I rushed to take my bath and went straight to the nearby canteen in the school..the auntie there, like usual when she saw me, 'Kuewteauw?' haha..i laugh out loud..when i was eating, she approached me and sit next to me..a moment of silence did came for while just before she started the conversation..we talked a lot before she opened a story about her daughter who was still studying in a secondary school nearby..

The most touching part of the talk was that when she mentioned about her daughter being discriminated from the teachers as she is sitting in a lower-leveled class with students with lower capability in their academic performances..she questioned why most of the teachers were being unfair to her and her classmates when they were teaching..is it right for the teachers to be unserious during class just because they are sitting in a class that cannot contribute towards the school great academic record..

This is another problem that the government must face in order to ensure that the younger generation is given the right education skill that they deserve to have..and for the teachers that did this, it's not a question of the level of intellectual but this is a question of professionalism and dignity...even in Singapore, to become a teacher is not going to be an easy task even if you have great academic track....

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