Tuesday, April 20, 2010


As far as i know...the difference between my life before and after the big exam was so vast that i really don't believe that this would really be my life after the exam..let me start by telling you a little bit about my life in school; wake up at 6 in the morning, has some sort of a roll call in the early morning with a yawn in everyone's face, and learn for 6-10 hours straight!Well..after SPM, a straight sleep until 2 pm is still nothing!haha...i love it..nevertheless, i knew this is a short-run fun..

There were many things that i have decided to do after the big exam; eating, sleeping, working, learning tennis, playing games, create a facebook etc..haha...i love to do it all but until today i did not achieve any of it yet..still, i manage to learn tennis in a tennis class near my house led by Cg Zamani which was once a state coach for the Pahang team in Sukma..i was so wrong when i thought that playing tennis is very similar to playing table tennis since both sports has the 'tennis' word in them (since i like table tennis)..tennis is hard....no wonder why until today some the UNITEN students nearby my house are showing off when they carry the tennis bag everywhere they go, yet when they are playing, how can I put this, they were like musketeers swinging swords around to hit the ball. It's a game that need a close supervision and training. Just like other games like swimming, basketball or even soccer. You cannot just play but everything has its own uniqueness that people must master in order to obtain what we call as the 'art' of playing games.

What about working. Well, people in my school will acknowledge me as a lazy boy, i myself can't deny it since it's so true..but, it's not that I'm making excuses not to work, but in this small town of Muadzam, it's absolutely impossible for fresh students like us to find a job here as they were quickly filled by the local and by the aborigines that want to find money. Even the highest rated job that is available around here is working at the 7-Eleven since this town is so, so lacking in term of its facilities with only countable units of stores available.  That's why it's quite odd for somebody like me to think that this town is being entitled as 'bandar' since it didn't even past the standard of a 'pekan'..haha...

Even finding friends is hard enough. I envy those who lives outside.

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