Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I-SWEEEP is a new science competition that recently has received a lot of attention by Mara in order to put the students to go beyond the limit of extracurricular..and also, in fact it really did put Mara in a havoc in term of financial crisis with a cost of more than a 100,000 ringgit to be spent onto the students. And recently, MRSM Muadzam has been given the honor to participate in this event. Since I'm the only person who was available with the experience in the event, i was told to help them in any way that i can. I did not help them because I was forced to do it, but I did it because i thought of a long-term offer. I thought, maybe if i help them, when they went there to the United States, they can buy some Polo or Nike shirts as some sort of a souvenir and that will benefit me most..hahaha..

This year Tun Ghafar Baba will send three teams, a team from Taiping, Kuantan and Muadzam Shah respectively. And by 21st April, I've heard that 4 teams received silver medals with two teams received special awards from the NGOs there. I was told that they should have went home already but due the volcanic ash that appeared around Europe, they have to spent two more nights in Paris, France at the Malaysian Embassy. Lucky them to spend another two nights watching the Eiffel Tower..haha....

And since that they have already stepped on the land of France, i did not miss the chance to force them to bring me back something from France, even if it is a piece of sand from that country of fashion. Then, i personally call En.Saffrin, the head of delegate, to buy me some key chains from the airport...haha..I've told you that this will benefit me most...and congratulation to them for carving another history to Mara.

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