Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Every year we heard excellent students are being produced by the country educational system, and still, every year we will hear problems regarding the scholarship issues are being quoted every where, mainly by parents in which their sons or daughters are taking the big exam in that particular year. And surprisingly, these issues were not greatly taken into consideration by our dear government.

First, the question of right. We believe that the constitutions in this country are always being respected for the last 50 years and being well-pronounced in our history textbook as something constant and need to put in the highest priority. One of them is all about the right of the Bumis that need to be protected in any term either in economy or education. But is it too much when I heard that a Chinese student in this country cannot get a scholarship from the government, yet, she possessed a great record in her SPM slip with 10A1 and 1A2. I believe that something is not right here. I'm not against our government but still something is just not right.

And I did heard that many of our ministers' children were given scholarship though they possessed bad results in their big exams. Nevertheless, if their results were good, I don't really mind..haha.. but it's still funny to see them flew to overseas, learning in top-notch universities with a bad history in SPM in hand. Again, this is a question of unfairness to other students that really deserved and will definitely become a great asset to the country in the future.

Who are we to stop the cries of those talented and gifted students that should continue their studies but yet has to stop due to financial issues which were not being resolved for such a long long time already. This is not what the National Education Philosophy told us....

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