Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Haha..I'm typing this post due to the critics that were highlighted by many in a lot of conversations between teachers. Since both of  my parents are teachers, I've heard a lot of talk regarding the lack of budget allocations in many schools. Recently, my father told me that the financial support allocated for many schools were merely cut by half or a third. Wow...that's quite a lot.

I don't even care of the lack of budget was due to the economic downturn that occurred recently, yet I've heard that our government is spending a lot in this 1 Malaysia thingy. Billions have been spent just to convince the people that this concept will work. In order to support this new reformation, more money that were allocated for the schools are being absorbed. If this goes on in the future, the schools will undergo a tremendous effects in term of  lacking in the educational executions and implementations for our junior students. So, how did the ministry handled this? First, they send students to their respective homes at the weekend for the sake of saving electrical bills. Second, they let the students suffer from the heat as the fans are turned off at the morning of every single school day. Third, a lot of allocations were cut for the management purpose of the school; repairing and etc.

We must always understand that education is the core of a nation. If we fail to deliver the appropriate knowledge for the students, then we're at fault when we see how Malaysia will collapse in years to come. Rather than having all of those money to be spent in political rhetorics, I think it's better to allocate them to the students. Even the Chinese and the Indians are complaining about their scholarship status right now when more than 1.6 billion is being spent to give scholarships to the Malay. Feel free to leave any comment. TQ.


ila zuber said...

i agree with ur statement about the 'i malaysia'thingy. my mak n ayah pn teachers gak n they told me bout thz too.too much hve been spnded... anyway, nice blog but i think u need to make it more attractive.

Luqman Safwan Che Mohd Fauzi said...

thanx for your comment..