Friday, April 23, 2010


Recently, I've heard on a a story of a boy that have cheated a lot of people, including those that are from the royal family themselves. This boy, Zulanif have involve in an espionage mission when he made himself as an impostor when appearing in front of many official ceremonies as an adopted son of the Pahang Royal Family. He named himself as Yang Mulia Tuan Muda Mohamad Zulanif Tengku Laksamana Abdullah. At the first sight, i felt called to laugh and impressed on how the heck can he passed through multiple securities in the royal family. 

The funny part was when he made himself as a VIP in an official ceremony at a PLKN camp, wearing an official PLKN shirt with an initial of 'Tuan Muda'. It made it even funnier when the person that was escorting this tuan muda is the PLKN Director General himself. Then, he was the one giving the some sort of medal of awards to the trainees there. Many were fooled. 

Personally, i was ashamed and quite impressed with his act. I was ashamed due to the reason that as a boy who is at the same age as me, he misused his intelligent and created a great havoc among the society. But, i was impressed with his bravery in putting himself in danger in dealing with the royal family and some high-ranked officials in a game of impostors. 

I truly believe that his talent can be used by the government by giving him a chance working with the Malaysian Intelligence or with the Secret Service since he had involved himself deeply in this 007-like game.

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