Friday, April 23, 2010


Hi again..this my 11th post for the blog. This post is all about an incident that occurred to one of the students in the school near my house. Even in the past, i still remembered attending an appointment with the doctors when I'm sick at Tun Ghafar Baba. Yet, a large portion of the students that attended the appointment were not really sick at's all for the sake of having an MC in hand to skip school. However, the next story that I'm going elaborate is not about getting an MC at all, but this female student was extremely sick with multiple ulcers in her stomach. I just can't imagine how an ulcer in the stomach would feel like when having an ulcer in the mouth alone is painful enough.

Due to her disease, she made an appointment with the doctor in a nearby clinic. She went there with other students who had some other popular-school diseases; fever or cold, but it seemed to be that she really needed immediate medical attention when she felt a lot of pain in her stomach. Afterward, she met with an HEA (I don't know what it stands for but the job is much similar to a medical assistant, MA). The HEA took her to the room where he will check her. Standing there with them is a nurse. The problem starts here when the female student is uncomfortable with the way the HEA treated her. The HEA's hand was moving haywire, touching things that shouldn't be touched by a man (you understand right?). She immediately cried. This is a phenomenon that shouldn't happened at the first place where sexual harassment occurred during a serious medical treatment.

Isn't it quite unprofessional or should i say, unethical when a medical officer do things beyond the limit of his job? The case did not stop there, what about the nurse? Didn't she stopped him from those things? Well, i heard story saying that the nurse herself also scolded the female students to just move along with the 'treatment'...Until today i still don't know what had happened to the HEA and the nurse.

Still, I truly regretted that such things can happened to a patient who was in need for a great medical attention.

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