Thursday, April 22, 2010


Lately, i start to realize something odd in the Malaysian history of entertainment, specifically, in what we called as the reality program shows; Akademi fantasia, Mentor and many other programs that are hiring superstar-wannabes. The strange part is, i still remembered when i was young, my siblings and i rushed in front of the tv on Friday night, waiting to watch the elimination of students in the Akademi fantasia, yet, it stopped to occur these days..hehe...i really don't get it but i strongly believe that these reality programs are going too far in producing  too much of these new and fresh artists.
So, with the abundance of these artists around every single corner of the country, i can see that the competition among them to get a spot in the society is very high. It's time to get a new solution. In the Asian countries like Japan, China and Korea, the system is very much different compared to the system of producing artists in our country. In Malaysia, an audition is made and the artists are being trained in the academy or a few months and they are being eliminated one by one for each week and this process repeated itself for the next few years, making people sick to see those cries from the students at the elimination concert.

As more and more young artists are being produced, it seemed to be harder for them to get money from their shows due to the competition. I have one solution and i didn't create it, but i copied it from my very own observation in the Korean entertainment lately. In Korea, they made what we call as a long-run profit. It starts with an audition too but the auditions involve applicant from a very, very young age (maybe 9 years-old). When the audition is done, the contract is made and the people who won the audition will be trained thoroughly for years until the day come for them to be called as artists or idols. They will stick to the company that hired them for many years ahead and starting from that, they will be continuously developed until they can perform internationally. This is far better than producing artists and let them to find their way on their own.

However, when an artist or a group of idols step on the global stage, the sky is the limit. For instance, even the Korean idols, Super Junior, Wonder Girl or the SDSN are being well when they perform in Los Angeles, Indonesia, Japan, China or even at the Stadium Bukit Jalil in KL on the last March 2010. How can they do it? I believe it's because they have companies who managed their songs and performances.

I hope that we can do the same or else we can never see any performers from the country performing in LA.


probelamaniac said...

industri muzik m'sia mmg camtuh,,
korea bnyk bajet dye plus komitmen dorang lagi
ko rase naape kpop bley feymes satu dunia?
xmacam m'sia...
setakat siti nurhaliza,,itu pn tak ke mana,,,tol x?

Luqman Safwan Che Mohd Fauzi said...

I believe that you are correct in many ways. The real cause of why Malaysian music industry is such a failure;

1. The term 'Internationalization'
does not exist. In which, we just
do not aim to go further yet, we
play domestically.
2. The government does not see this
as a form of business that will
bring benefit to the country.