Monday, May 31, 2010


In this image reviewed by the Israeli military and taken aboard an Israeli Naval vessel, Israeli Navy soldiers intercept one of several boats headed towards the Gaza Strip, in international waters in the Mediterranean Sea, early Monday, May 31, 2010. Israeli naval commandos on Monday stormed a flotilla of ships carrying aid and hundreds of pro-Palestinian activists to the blockaded Gaza Strip, killing at least 10 passengers in a dramatic predawn raid that set off worldwide condemnation and a diplomatic crisis. (AP Photo/Uriel Sinai, Pool)It was during the night, yesterday where we received an attack from the Israelis commandos towards a ship that was carrying aids to the Gaza Strip. It was reported that more than 10 humanitarian supporters were killed during the entire operation. According to the news, 11 Malaysian were in the same boat when the attack happened. The ship, Mavi Marvara was attacked by the Israelis Navy at the international waters. They claimed that the ship was a threat. The first fault they've made was that attacking ship at the international water was indeed an act of piracy as it opposed one of the chapters in the United Nation International Water Treaty. The Prime Minister's spokesman, (i forgot his name) told the media that the group attacked the Israeli forces with knives and metal equipments and it was a complete cover-ups. No such thing did happened. 

Currently the strongest body of the U.N, United Nations Security Council was having a emergency call to address this issue. Even President Obama himself told the media that the action of the Israeli forces were too much. I can also see a lot of personals either in the blog or in the open forum that disagreed with the action done. And by this moment, our Dato' Seri Perdana Menteri has ordered the Wisma Putra to take immediate actions in retrieving Malaysian humanitarians activists in the convoy which includes groups from media and medical practitioners. Regardless, let's pray for their safety.  

I believe that Israel will now undergo international condemnation from multiple countries. Hope that we will support the idea of discriminating these beast.  

Sunday, May 30, 2010


What a sensitive headline isn't? I've seen this video on youtube which was a religious debate between a muslim, Ahmad Deedat and a Christian Ph.D holder, Dr. Anis Sorosh. It really did thought me that being a muslim is a one great opportunity to see the truth. i don't want to write long but i believe you should read this. I'm quoting it quote on quote.

Anis     : The Christian believe that Jesus is God. What say you?
Deedat : This subject can be easily answered. Did Jesus claimed to be god? Did he said that I'm God, worship me? Because believe me, there is not a single statement in any of the 66 books of the Bible or in the 73 the Roman Catholics that Jesus said this simple sentence, 'I'm God'.

Anis  : If muslim believe in a God, then Christians believe in the Holy Trinity. Have you any problem with that?
Deedat: Yes. In the Christian religion of the holy churches, they say and i'm quoting it, 'That the Father is God, and the Son of Man is God and the Holy Ghost is God, but they are not three God but one God' I'm asking, what kind of language is that? It sounds like English but it's not English. It's impossible for a three different identities to be one!

Anis: We say Jesus is God because he was born miraculously, in which he was born out of Mary's womb yet without a father.
Deedat: If that is the only reason, then what about Adam? Then you must believe that Adam is a greater God since he did not have neither a father or a mother?

Anis: Jesus is God who resembles a man, so that the people can follow him easily.
Deedat: In Islam, it's a treason. Even the Bible once gave us what God is not. It says in the Book of Job, 25: Vrs 4-6, 'How then can Man be justified with God?' Hence, the Bible did said that how can a Man be compared to God? No man that has stayed for 9 months in a mother's womb can came out as God, whether he's a Moses, Jesus, or a Muhammad or a Krishna! Then the verse continues, 'How much less a Man who is but a Maggot.' If Jesus a Man, then Jesus a Maggot !?

Anis: Jesus is not a Man, but Jesus is the Son of Man.
Deedat: Well, it is told in the Bible in the Book of Job, 'How much less is a Man who is but a Maggot - and then the Son of Man who is but a worm!' Great, we're a Maggot and Jesus a worm ? Don't make any mistake, the verse continues in the Book of Luke verse 2:21 'And when he was 8 years old, he was circumsized.' God being circumsized !?

That's only a part of it. I really want you to see it on your own. Go and ask our Uncle Youtube.

Friday, May 28, 2010

MY HOUSE..AN ECOSYSTEM? slept very late yesterday, 5.30 a.m? i normally slept late due to the existence of any form of entertainment that are available in the tv. But, yesterday's different. Yesterday was a night of war! was a grand war between me and some fuckin lizards hanging on the wall of my living room. Have you ever wondered why sometimes your house was full with these lizards? I hate this species and sometimes i did question why did these lizards exist anyway? They really disturbed me when i was watching the tv. Like, when i was watching Iron Man on Astro, these lizards will start to add up annoying sound effects prior to the movie as they were having good time with their mates. how did i solve it? Well...use rubber. realized that my mom did bought a plastic of rubbers at the mall a few days ago. What is amazing is, among  a hundred rubbers that i've shot towards these lizards, none of them hit the target. Very disappointing but i continued that stupid game for more than two hours. Maybe that's why it's hard to find good sniper shooters these days huh? I recalled  a few days ago when i entered my parents room. I was there alone. Nothing did happened for a few minutes. Then i heard some sounds nearby, 'Krikk..krikk'. I said, 'Alah..binatang kat luar arr tu'. That sound came nearer and nearer towards me who was lying there on the bed. It was in the room! I checked under the bed in case you would see a white-naked Ju-On trying to scare me out of the blue. Nope, nothing's there. i waited for a while to listen closer to the source. Why do people insist on telling me that a squirrel is cute? Because for me, it is so not true if you know them well. My house is so near to their nests that for quite a few times, they did entered the house illegally to find foods. Back to the story. Yup, the sound was made by a pair of squirrels. Where? In the hole of the home-theater speakers. What the hell did they do in that hole? Are they starting to build  a community in there? Owh..if i know this earlier, sumpah i will turn on the audio at the highest peak so that those stupid squirrels be deaf. 

After that, when i entered my parents' room, i randomly left some dust from biscuits in the speaker's hole. Maybe they will visit again and if they do, i'll kill them right away..mwahahaha

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Have you ever heard when people told you that you're a jinx. If you ask me, Hey Luq, what's a jinx? A jinx is a person who people claimed to have or possessed bad luck. I think i'm one of those. Just a few days ago, i involved myself in an accident. Yesterday was different. I went to the Bazaar nearby to meet my friends, i noticed that my motorbike was acting a little bit weird. I try to accelerate yet it just won't go. On my way back to my house, oh my god, you'll never know the hell that i'm in. At the vicinity of the Bazaar, my bike broke. I panicked as my home is still quite a distance away from my exact location. I checked my bike multiple times but nothing seemed to be wrong. Then, i took a glance at the fuel meter.....haha...i laughed alone. It was empty! 

PeopleI started to figure alternatives to solve the problem that befall me. Who would think not to be punked when you're having an unmoving bike in the middle of the road!? I swore and cursed a lot. Even the Bangladeshi people that were looking at me from the side of the road, yeah..i cursed them too. I don't know why. Hahaha...why did this happened to me..There's an idiom, Bad Thing Always Happened To Good People. Now i knew that it's so true. I pushed my bike along the the right side of the road, en route to a nearby Petronas station. Then i remembered about the last few posts that i've put in the blog. I said to myself, ' you need the help of the Petronas, sebelum ni tau kutuk je Petronas.' I've never knew that Petronas station can ask for an indirect revenge. Spooky Petronas...huhu.. must every time you're in an extraordinary situation, you will feel like you're being seen like a criminal? yeah..every one looked at me like i'm a criminal. I felt like i'm living at the center the world where attractions gather. No one did pitied me though. At last, front of me, the heaven of oil. Petronas station. When i arrived, the Kakak in charge said, 'Ok dik, rehat dulu..'. Then i quoted myself, 'Eishh...macam tau tau je kak ni.' Maybe there are still dozens of people back then that have the same situation like me and seek for help at the Petronas station.

Moral of the story? know it yourself.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I've came across a conversation in the internet between an atheist and a christian. Why did atheist exist? Yeah, i know that they don't believe in god but being an atheist will lead to many different difficulties. Like, for example, when a person sneeze you'll say 'God bless you a.k.a alhamdullillah'. Well, what are you suppose to say when an atheist sneeze, should you say 'Well..when you die nothing happens.' Can we say that? Hahaha.

Anyway, I went to a public toilet in Petronas a little while ago. Along with me was a box filled with mints. Do you know Clorects? That green box that is filled with oblong-shaped mints? I bought it at the Mesra market at the station and as i was about to do my thing in the toilet, i just lost the spirit to do such. Why must most of the public toilets in the Petronas station be dirty? I really think that we should look into this but never mind. The Clorets, i bite it in my mouth as i was about to wash my hands. I get in into the toilet and suddenly my phone ringed. I say 'Huh?' This situation starts when i say that. My two-ringgit Clorets has fallen into the bowl in the toilet. 
The next part is super amazing. Even if you pay me ten thousand ringgit, there's no way i can repeat this scene. As my Clorets fall into the bowl, the dirty water in the bowl greatly splashed and a drop of it hit me in the eye. It's not just the eye, it hit me at the center of my cornea! I say immediately, 'Oh my god, other people's piss in my eye. This is not good. I am not in a good situation. Oh shit...this is not good.' Maybe i can get blind due to that drop of piss splashing in my eye.

Then i went out of the toilet smiling at the people like nothing happens. I told to myself, 'This is epic! Historical shit. A piss in my eye, it will never repeat!' And i said, 'Maybe i should write this in the blog'. And i did.

Monday, May 24, 2010

MY DREAM has a dream house. Me too. I really want my dream house to be different. You ask your friend about their dream houses, they'll reply, 'I want a huge mansion with multiple chandeliers on top of the ceiling.' I don't want that. One of the characteristics of my dream house is, instead of hallways, i will be using water canals. It's like you'll have to swim to get to the other side of the room. It's unique! Besides, i've always wanted a mystery house. If i'm having a party, i want that giant bookshelf where i can get to when no one's looking and a pull out the big green book and out of sudden the shelf turn around and lead me to secret hallways. And that hallways must always be uncomfortable and hard to move in until i will have to say, 'What the heck did i built them like this!?' And the hallways will lead me to fuckin labs with bunsen burner and schematics going on. i don't know what schematics are but i want it in back there because i know schematics belong in lab.*EKhxJTPAV-Axis5LQATwuAdceTGjn7-Jtq6mNPFF-Ur58OOjdpjt5Eeik24D/MONALISA.jpg 
I do want to have a big picture where i can look through the picture's eyes and espionage on everyone and say, 'Are they talking about me?' i want trap doors too. I'll always have goosebumps thinking at the possibility of my friends entering my house when i'm having a function. When they're in the toilet, suddenly they get sucked up and ended up in swamp three miles away. That's shouldn't be a swamp, it should be a pool filled with marshmallows. Yeah! They get pissed off with the trap but how can a person still be pissed off when they ended up in a pool of sweet marshmallows..oh god..that would be funny want to have a vehicle, my own vehicle that i can use. Everyone wants a vehicle that they can drive around right? I did have a stupid conversation with a bunch of my friends and we talked on our future vehicles. I ask for suggestion from them on what kind of vehicle that i can drive that can make me look super cool. One of them say, 'A ferrari dude, sumpah terbaek..' Another one said, 'A hammer is super cool man. Nampak tough giler'. I say no to both. Yup, both of them looked bad ass but i really don't want to have something that other people already have. So i'm suggesting myself, 'What about a cement truck? Now that's bad ass' Yeah, it's super cool when you ride a cement truck with a purple neon below and a fifty-inch rims on the road. Nobody still have that shit. Can anyone beat me now? Nope.

sorry sebab mengarut..bosan sangat

Sunday, May 23, 2010

FREE ? went to a supermarket yesterday. Why must every time when i enter there will be these people in front at the lobby who sells massage gadgets? They will approach my family while passing up coupons just to lure us in, to buy some shits from their department. I will tell you my history dealing with these people: One day, my dad and my mom went to a supermarket nearby Kuantan. Their mission, buy a family computer since our previous computer was too old and dusty. They ended up coming home with a fuckin foot massage. I was like what? What the hell just happened? We're waiting for a computer! Maybe the movie Transformer was true at all. Maybe they did bought a computer but the computer suddenly transformed into a stupid foot massage machine. Maybe it did happened, who knows right? How on earth did the salesman manage to persuade my parents to buy their stuff? I have to praise him for the excellent job of sacrificing my dream to play Ragnarok Online. you ever being disturbed by a person from any service consultants like from the Yun Nam Haircare or from the London Weigh Management. These people, they will stand in front of their stores, urging people to come in into their shops just to try their products. Example, back in Tgb, when i was having a chit chat with my friends in the dorm, we did talked about this kind of shit. Salesman from Yun Nam hair care are really annoying. I said 'Orang yun nam kalau lalu je depan kedai mesti kacau nye..tak habis2'. Another friend of mine said, 'Aku camtu gak, padahal aku ade je rambut. Pastu diorang siap bagi aku free trial coupon plak tu..' Another friend of mine who did not have enough hair on his head  heard our conversation and said, 'Jangan cakap camtu, terasa aku..' I replied, 'Why?' He answered inconveniently, 'I dapat 20 kupon'. Hahahaha..we laughed cam nak mati after he said that. to the story. I went to the second floor to check out some socks. I'm going to ask you, what's the difference between free and absolutely free? Isn't the word free have already brings out the entire spectrum? I saw a pair of socks at the cloth section. The sign said, 'Buy 1 Free 1 for Rm 10'. Then when i took two pair of socks to the counter and hand over a 10 ringgit bill, the indian person at the counter said, 'Uhh....that would be 10.49'. I replied, 'Aik? Isn't the other pair is free?' He answered, 'Emmmm....(with a long pause)'s not absolutely free..' What the hell is going on!? Is this is the effect of the rising inflation in the country? shit...i say we really should look into this seriously. Maybe this is the reason why there was racial tension in this country for so long. Maybe somewhere in the future, what if the day comes when Malay people do discriminate the indians and the indians will get angry and say, 'We thought we were freed since independence?' Then we will answer,

'Well..not absolutely free...'

Saturday, May 22, 2010


People are still talking about their scholarships when i took a glance at the dashboard. Over excited i am not. Hahaha..yesterday i went to Kuantan to have my cinematic adventures with the whole family. We planned to watch Clash of the Titans in 3D in which each ticket was sold at the price of Rm 14 each. If you are to watch movies like that in 3D, don't do that. It was a total waste! I felt like i'm watching nothing in 3D. It's so dark that if you're wearing that grasshopper-like-3D-spectacles, you can't even see the subtitles in the way it should be. These are some of the experiences that i really want to share with during the whole day.

First, every single one of us like to see movie previews, right? Because after the previews of the latest movies that will come out soon are shown, you will turn to the person on your side and you will comment the movie. Like, after the preview of Robin Hood was shown, automatically the whole family of mine will comment on the movie ' best je! Nak tengok nanti'. Second, sometimes if you are so kampung sangat, when you enter the hall and you're are about to seat, you will again comment on how good the seats are. It's like the seats are so innovative that it can be folded. My little sister said, 'Best nye kerusi ni..lembut sangat..'

Third, while waiting for the movies, we will start to get hungry due to tha aura of deliciousness that came from other people treats. Then your little sister wants you to get her something to be eaten. This is a problem that will rise when a man ask a girl, 'Nak makan ape?'. Girls, you'll definitely start with a long pause 'Emm.........emmm........ape yang diorang ade ek?'. I really hate that question. What do you aspect? They have the same shitty thing that they have since independence, 'Popcorn and icy drink'. I asked my sister, 'What do you want?' She said, 'Emm....popcorn......emm..air oren ais..emm...potato mash......emm.....chocolate bar yang besar tuu.....emm...dengan coklat coin dalam plastik aluminium tu...banyak sangat ke?'..I said, 'No..not at all..i just hope after you've finished the movie, you'll turn into a fuckin monster...huh..that's a lot of money dik..' Sengal..

At the lobby, the person in charge of counter will always ask the same stupid question every time i buy those goodies, 'Adik nak kotak tak?' If only i could say, 'Duhh...memanglaa..what? you want me to make nine trips in and out of the hall...?' And they didn't give you a box because a box is rigid and has weight distribution. What they gave me was a folded box filled with the goodies that i've just bought. And the box was about to break like it was a diaper. I'm carrying a diapers of goodies! And this one will happen to most people. When you get back into the hall, you will definitely fail to remember where your seats are. It was dark and you're sitting there at the corner of the hall like a bunch of idiots looking for the seats that you've settled. It didn't end there. When i've seated, the person beside me was so in into the movie that she talked to the screen. She talk a lot that the black person behind her said, 'SHhhhh....!!'
Sorry for the long post.

Friday, May 21, 2010


I woke up at 3.00 in the evening since i slept back after my Friday prayer. My laptop was still on. I thought that today will be a fantastic day for most of the Mara students that did applied for the scholarships in pursuing their studies overseas. Haha...most of the appliers were panicked when Mara and Jpa did announced the result late. Quote to quote, we're afraid of yang dikejar tak dapat yang dikendong keciciran (betul ke ni?). Anyway, since i've knew my result since last week, i was more relaxed and calmer than everyone else. A large portion of my friends did received their offer statement that will lead them to Intec either in IT and some of them have get through the next few years doing IB in Klj. Mara Banting or Klj. Mara Seremban.

For those who didn't receive the offer, relax and be cool. I urge you not to get frustrated as this is just the origin of everything. Good luck to everyone.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

TOILET STORY's near 5.00 in the morning and i'm not that sleepy yet. I'm quite shocked when i read the news on the internet when a person in German was eaten by a lion, that is, when he fall into the lion's dent. One question though, how the hell can you fall into a lion's dent in the zoo? The same case did happened in this country. Did the person who was fallen was so doubtful and started to move nearer to the dent saying, 'Is that a lion there? Is that a lion? Hold me, i'm going to jump in into the dent just to confirm that.' Hahaha..and i really, really love to know how it felt when you've fallen on the ground full of lions........and lioness too....and you. two days i went to Kuantan, just to have dinner with my family. On my way back, we parked at a near petrol station at the side of the road to perform our prayers. I went to the restroom. Why did they called it 'restroom'? Did somebody went there and rest for 3 to 5 minutes and came out saying, 'I feel good!'. When i was in the restroom, there were a few words and phrases that really pissed me off. Do you noticed that every time you go to the center of attraction, (in this case; the toilet) you'll see people wrote phrases like, 'Samad was ere' ? (I do not spelled here wrong but it was supposedly written ere). What's more, it's not written, it's carved!

Sometimes it got me more annoyed when people start to write painful shits at the back of the door of the public toilet. It's not just censored words, but it comes with phone numbers too. And sometimes i did enjoyed reading all of those sentences written (a.k.a carved) on the wall of the toilet. At certain times when i read the written words at the wall, it made me feel that i'm in an adventure, a cinematic adventure i mean. Some of them were expressing their frustrated feeling losing their girl friends, some were finding one and some did wrote jokes. If i had a marker, i will definitely reply back. Hehehe. Now i understand why i've to pay more when i'm using the public toilet.

By the way, Mara scholars, the results will be announced today, at 4.00 p.m. God speed everyone.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

THE SCENE THAT'LL TEACH YOU it's strange, but i really, really want to see it. I've always dreamed to see an accident happening live in front of my eyes. I really do see that as a sort of entertainment. Even my siblings felt the same. When we're in the car, every time we saw an accident, one of us will say, 'Sikit lagi..kalau mari awal sikit mesti boleh tengok live'. Weird? I don't think so. Do you realize that every time you saw an accident happened, there were a lot of people gathering around and trust me, they're just spectators. Only berape kerat je that will really help the  real victim-of-circumstances. Sometimes, when an accident happened nearby our neighborhood, the first thing that i will do is to call my friends to check things out. It really did felt like the scene was the center of the world.
Alas, today was an unlucky day. This afternoon, i did saw an accident live in front of my head, but the victim was me. was not really an accident, it's what we called as the pre-accident scene (Huh?). I went out to buy some Lychee cans for lunch. As i was reversing the car, the censor of the car was broken and no alarm was heard. Banng!. I say, 'Aik, pasu bunga mane plak aku langgar nie?' It was a motorcycle, fallen on the road, behind the car. It was just me and the motorcycle. At that time, i really though to do a hit-and-run scene, but i say, 'Relax dude, be professional'. The owner of the motorcycle came and you should look at his face when he saw his motorcycle on the road. I praised him for being professional too as he didn't get mad or didn't slapped me in the face. 
The security of a nearby bank came. And hear this, you really don't want to have somebody like him nearby when you're in trouble. Both of the owner and me was cool, but this guy, this guy did get mad at me like the motorcycle was his. He had threaten me in many different acts. First, he took a picture of me and the plate number of my car. Then, he asked me to give him my I.C card. Then, out of nowhere, he get mad at me and told me that he'll call the police. What the heck? It's just a fucking scratch! (Now, i'm mad..haha). But i remain professional, rational and calm. After we discussed a few things, we'd agreed that i should pay Rm 40 to pay the damage done. I paid him immediately. The security guy continued to scold me throughout the conversation.

Then, the security guard asked me, 'Belajar kat mane?' After i said, 'MRSM Jasin', he remained silence since then.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Everyone has a pet right ? I do. No no....i did. I once was a great pet lover. I've owned a very wide range of pets, which later on died when i accidentally killed them. My family love fish most. I still have the empty aquarium which once was filled with multiple types of fish. We were quite shocked when one day after we've returned from a long holiday, we'll see dead fish on top of the water. Its not that little though. As i remembered, there was more than 20 different, and once colorful fish in that tank. My dad asked, 'Tak bagi makan ke?' And the all of us, the five siblings will reply dengan selambe, 'Heee....lupe..'.

PB153007 by Elwyn / Elwynsattic.I did not just owned fish. When i've just migrated to our new house, the whole village's young lings were having the same hobby and interest, fish. I've still remembered all of us to go deep into the black, penuh-dengan-lumpur hole nearby. One of my friends, we called him Pendi (i know...pelik nama) caught a lot of unknown creatures from that very pool. Where did he kept them? Our aquarium. Until one day my house started to be visited by the villagers just to see what is inside the 2 meter-long aquarium. What do you aspect? There were so many of those belut which really look like snakes, prawns...tortoise...ikan puyu...belida...ikan keli..and the famous haruan. How did they all ended? We gave them to a large, hungry ikan Toman which was inside another different aquarium in my house...hahaha...dead fish huh........and dead belut... I have one and i didn't bought them at the shop. But the deal happened in school when i was in Darjah 2. This weird friend of mine brought a box to school.

I asked him, 'Ade ape dalam kotak?'. He answered, 'Rabbit'. I reply, 'Nak wat ape?'...He then reply, 'Jual'. 'Berape?' I asked back. He answered, 'Lima keping singgit'.

I then dengan sengalnye say, 'Nak' ...

I agree to pay the next day since there's no way my parent will give me five ringgit to school. I have to use my saving from all this while. All of my siblings were happy when i showed them the rabbit in front of the door when i returned from school. We play with that rabbit for the whole day and put it back in the box outside my house at night. The next day, when i returned from school, guess what happened to the rabbit?

Kena makan kat semut gatal...

Monday, May 17, 2010


I've just returned from KL and a whole day in the hotel room really made me sick. Now, i'm having a fever with a sheet of KoolFever gel on top of my head. As i get into the net, a lot of Mara applicants were disappointed with the delay of the announcement. Yeah..what can i say. I heard news from the Bahagian Penganjuran Mara that the real reason for the delay is not due to the presence of an error in the system, but it's because nobody dares to make an announcement as the General Director went overseas himself. What the heck? Even i was panicked as the dateline for me to enter Uia is only a few days away. Anyway, maybe the result will come out sooner or later, so i hope that everyone will remain calm.

Simon.Cowell.Oprah.Winfrey.jpgI arrived home exactly at 8.00 p.m. I turned on the TV as there was nothing left for me to do. It was Oprah Winfrey on the air. Do you like Oprah? I do watch Oprah, its fascinating! She really entertains me! And here's why: It's a show that went extremely exciting when she's talking about gadgets or introduced celebrities. The show starts with a grand entrance where once Oprah entered the hall by skateboard, high-fiving everyone. Then she starts to give things away. I remembered when Oprah has given free Ipods to every single audience in the hall. I want it! The problem started when the things that she has given away started to become bigger and bigger. One day, she did gave a super-heavy vacuum to everyone. me, i'll watch the show till the moment come when she told everyone in the hall,

'Everybody gets a school! You get a school! Everybody get a school in the school district, with full faculties!' Then she start to give bigger shits, 'Everybody gets a Humpback Whale! You get a whale!'  And the audience will say, 'What am i going to do with a school and a humpback whale?' Ohoho...I'll wait for that to happen.

But this TV really get me to feel strange. I started to ask myself, 'Kalau duk kat kolej nanti camne ek?' Well, a few of my friends are currently studying for their foundations. They told me that it's hard, full of assignments and the package comes with weird lecturers. Haha..i hope that i'll just be okay for the next few moths in my college.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


It's 12.11 a.m in the morning. I'm not that sleepy yet so i decided to write something. Currently i'm posting this to say good luck to all those students who did applied for the scholarships from Mara, in which was told to come out tomorrow, May 17. I was forced by my father to escort him to him to KL today as he's having a back pain at his waist. He and the other friends of his will have some sort of a meeting tomorrow with the Chairman in the Mara headquarter. my way to KL, we have to hitchhike on one of the teachers car which was on her way to our destination as well. My father couldn't drive as he's having the risk of a far painful back pain if he drive and he couldn't ask the school's driver to send him to the meeting as it's an unofficial gathering. I didn't care about that. What i care was that he wouldn't let me drive him to the meeting because he did not trust me to travel long distance. What? I officially passed the driving test and you still won't let me? Hahaha...anyway, we stopped to refill the petrol at a nearby petronas station at the junction on the highway. I was astonished as the station was closed due to bankruptcy. This is the first time ever that i heard an oil station to bankrupt. Like, it's in the middle of the highway and there was so many cars and that station still fail  to operate? Then, i believe it's true that this world will run out of oil in the near future. (So, petroleum engineers-wannabe, think back..hehe..just kidding laa...jangan tukar course plak pas ni..), when i passed by the HQ building, i remembered that my interview result will come out tomorrow (if the rumors were true). A lot of us are hoping that the chance will be at their side tomorrow but i urged that we've to remain calm if the luck is not on our side. Even my mother really didn't want me to study far away from the family. The way my parents persuade me was very simple. My father once told me, 'Ngah, kalau angah buat medic Uia, papa bagi Viva sebiji.' Wow..a free car eh? father also did told me about the success of other Uia medical fresh-graduates, just to lure me in to study locally. I said to them, 'We'll see laa..' A lot of my friends really felt the enthusiasm of studying abroad in UK la, in France la and many others. And i say, 'Uia ok perr.'

Anyway, (to the readers who're applying Mara laa) please don't be sad if we don't get the scholarship. Try to exclude the feeling of sadness if we fail. All we need is the will to continue forward, agree? Or not? Haha..ok lah..nak tidoo....(still terkejut stesen petrol boleh bankrupt...hahaha)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Greetings. First of all, it's going to be my biggest pleasure to wish Happy Teachers Day to all teachers that have taught me directly or indirectly. Some of the community today labeled the career of a teacher is a cheap one. Some of us also did made prejudice judgment about  this career as you don't need such high grades to join in the career. And a lot of us will never dreamed of becoming a teacher due to the basis of a lower amount of salary given compared to other careers. I say all of those thoughts were true after all. Nonetheless, we'll have to respect the will of some of us who did risked their very own future, neglecting luxury and performed their obligation to the nation. I respect that most.

If you read the middle column of a local newspaper for this past few days, you will notice a column written by Lokman Saim, Dean and Director of Medical Faculty, UKM. He wrote, '80 percent of doctors in the country will migrate to private sectors and among that 80 percent, 20 percent migrated to Singapore. I ask you, we give them scholarships and places in Ipta, for medical studies, then they ran away from serving the country?' Hahaha..even doctors, engineers and other professional bodies will not stay with the government forever. Then who will? I say the teachers. Both of my parents have stayed, working with the government as educators for more than 20 years and are still serving. When there's this Malay idiom, 'Guru umpama lilin' i believe that teachers are more than that. 

Yeah, i really do sometimes hate my teachers, i mean a certain of them. But later i thought that that's the fun part after you step out of the school. You'll remember the evil wardens that treated you  badly but then you'll realize that you don't hate them anymore, it's just sweet memories that were left behind in the school.

Friday, May 14, 2010

NOW...ABOUT MY HOMETOWN's great!, it's not. It's just a remote, moderate looking town located at the far end of the state of Pahang.  I've migrated three times already. First, it was in Kelantan, then we settled for fifteen years in Terengganu, and at the beginning of 2006, i was told that we have to migrate to a new settlement. Come to think of it, i believe that i've already conquered every single state in Pantai Timur. Hahaha... Then, i'm getting confused when people asked me, 'Dik asal dari mane?' This is a very common question that i've to answer. I was born in Kota Bharu and then my family quickly moved to K. Terengganu. So, if you were me, what does the term 'asal dari mane' defines? Should i answer Kelantan or Terengganu? Answer later laa...haha

In Tun Ghafar Baba, i really do felt a little bit awkward when people labeled us as 'Sek-sek PT', meaning people that are coming from the State of Budu and the State of Keropok Lekor (you know what i meant right?). There was this girl in my class, Ajie. I considered her as the greatest Anti to this 'Sek2 Pt' group. Whenever i talk with my friends from Kelantan or Terengganu, she will definitely interrupted, 'Proper Malay please!'. She couldn't  stand it as she couldn't understand a word. Sometimes, some of other males were afraid to come whenever this group has a discussion as most of them can't catch up with the serious accent. Well, there was some tutoring going on back then. It's fun seeing my friends trying to learn this new dialect from Pantai timur. Another friend of mine was so pekat in kelantanese until i considered that it's going to be hard for him to converse with most of the girls in class (as not many of the girls were not from pantai timur). When I'm talking in kelantanese with him, i truly felt that we're talking using code morse as my friends in class will look at us like we're mere aliens trying to converse in human language...hehe..I remembered a night when i met him when i was walking back to the dorm. I questioned him, 'Mung gi mano?'. He who is walking alone answered, 'Gi kafe tadi. Eh, mung nok wat gapo male ni? Ade kejo tok?' I heard whispers from the girls that were walking behind my friend, 'Apa dua orang ni ckap ni? Tak reti aku nak paham, sengal gila.' We laughed out loud when i retold this story to my friend.

Leaving in triple states made all of the dialects in the eastern easier to be spoken by me. Oh i forgot, the real topic is about the place i'm living now, Muadzam Shah (i strayed too much huh?) Well, this place is so left out when we're talking about the number of shops and facilities. And when i'm driving, i've always noticed that i've seen the same cars around the city over and over again..haha. How can this place being called as a Bandar M.Shah when most of the facilities and areas were a third of the size of Pekan Jasin? Somebody has to be at fault when he named this cowboy town bandar Muadzam....Feel free to reply back.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


When i was driving on my way back from sending my little sister to her kelas petang (cehh..abang mithali...mwahaha), there was this channel in the radio, Fly fm (if i'm not mistaken) that questioned people on  the memory that you remember most during your childhood period. Most of the respondents told the DJ about them being punished in class by their teachers and many other funny and great stories. Haha...i laugh out loud when one of the respondents told her worst experience was during a class in her school where she had to sit on a chair for an unfinished homework. Worse, that chair was already on a table. I guest the view from up there will be great isn't?
As for me, the thing that i remembered most during my childhood was a tragic incident that should have made me an as an arwah now. A long, long time ago....when i was four years-old, my father brought me and my little brother to a restaurant. I clearly remembered the name of the restaurant, Res. Marina in front of a nearby mosque. My dad parked his Proton Saga car behind a tree and went into the restaurant to buy Tom yam for lunch. The only available person in the car was my brother and me. We were playing around. My father left the car with an open window at the driver's seat. It all started when i took a look outside of the window when suddenly my brother who knew nothing at that time pressed the button in between of the front seats, raising the window up automatically. head get stuck while the window kept on raising. must be hurt and i passed out instantaneously. My father didn't saw this as the car was covered by the tree., Allah has shown His greatness when out of nowhere, a driver who was driving on the road reversed his car and stop behind my father's car (how the hell did he saw me remained unknown). He then quickly opened the front door of the car and lowered the mirror. He shouted, 'Ni anak sape ni !' I was brought unconscious to the hospital and i was considered to be lucky to survived. Oh, by the way, that savior was a Chinese anyway and i'm in debt with him as long as i live. After the incident, my father sold that Saga right away. Well, that's my story.

Hahaha..Now i'm asking you. What's your story?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


It was two days ago, where my family and i have seen something that is quite rare in tv. The lost of the Malaysian badminton players in the hand of the players from the country of the rising sun, Japan. It was tense and it ended up with a disappointment that night when Hafiz lost. The next day, when i bought a newspaper at a local market, i was astonished to see the front pic of Hafiz being halted by his psychologist when he's in his attempt to hit one of the Malaysian supporters. Haha...i understand that the Thomas and the Uber cup is an important match but i believe that supporters should also understand and consider the conditions that are being faced by the players since all of them have to face criticism and desperately in need for support mentally and physically from the supporters. I hope that our mentality can change in this field. night, when i opened a blog of a friend of mine, he wrote that it seemed that the Malaysian team managed to climb back to semi-final when most of the players today had perform at full potential. I was attracted to one of the comments at the bottom of the post where many of the commentators were praising Hafiz and Chong Wei for their good performance. Then i thought, at the first place, they criticized that Hafiz like he's the one that will cause Malaysia to lose stand in winning the cup (since the game is played group-based system) but now, everything has turned into a new leaf. I must praise Hafiz for winning in the next game after he's being condemned badly by a lot of supporters in the media.

Another thing that make me laugh so much is the commentators during the tournament itself. I really do feel that RTM 1 should hire some other, better commentators. What do you aspect? One of the commentator was mentioning 'offside' when the shuttlecock when outside of the ring. Offside? That's for football dude, not badminton...haha..I was chatting with my friends and both of us agreed that the real reason why people were so angry when they watched the game was not really because of the players, but it is more to the weird phrases that came from the mouth of the commentators..come on..once they said, 'Ah, dia dash ke hujung court nak ambil bola'...haha..anyway, good luck to the Malaysian team in the future tournaments against China. Feel free to leave any comment.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


As i was opening and deleting many folders and files that have made my computer to move slower than a turtle, i spotted this picture in which i've caught when i went to last year's science competition in downtown Houston. That pic shows just one out of four parts of Saturn V that has the size bigger than one and a half of football field. Truly, it's a large piece of shit that have been brought into space by the Americans in the earlier year of space technology. friends and i were amazed on how on earth did the earthlings manage to build something like that. So, i was thinking when there will be more Malaysian that will go to space, in this case, without the help of other countries. Back then, our solution to produce an astronaut was so simple, by hitchhiking other country's space craft. That's the way of the Malaysian people. Despite this issue, i really felt proud that one of us has manage to go to space anyway.

I've thoughts that if Malaysia is in approach to produce more astronauts, why don't the government sponsored some sort of a study loan or a scholarship that will allow people to pursue their study in aeronautical engineering that is more specific in space technology? How many longer will we get on board in the Russian's craft? I really do understand that the term of financial crisis will be a big issue but if more and more money were spend on something that shouldn't be spent onto, i believe that it's worth to invest some of it into the space technology. Nonetheless, i;m still quite happy as more and more Malaysian satellites were sent to the orbit meaning; more channels in my astro laa...haha
I've still remembered the time when we were boarding a train in the Johnson space center. Suddenly, it stopped in an open field filled with a number of pine trees. The conductor told us 'All of this pine trees represented the number of American astronauts killed during the spaceflight mission. As told, the number of these pine trees increased rapidly during the Columbia disaster. Ladies and gentlemen, moment of silence.' Everyone was praying. When i think again, 'Apehal orang Amerika ni?' They're representing dead heroes with a bunch of pine trees? Wow..even in Malaysia, we even have that Tugu Negara lagi...Anyway, please leave any comment..thank you..haha

TALENT I SAY.. you ever wondered how a friend of yours can do different kind of things that you're incapable to deliver? For instance, a friend of yours are good in sports, a great musician, can ride horse, can speak publicly like he's born to be the prime minister, can do this and that and bla..bla, while you're good at nothing. Haha..sometimes that kind of thought did came to me. It's not only me, yet my friends once had the same thought too. I can clearly see that i'm no good in cooking, i've never played any form of music instrument before although it always remain as my dream that-shall-never-be. And the only thing that i think that i'm capable to do when no one else can do it is that i can sleep straight without the need to wake up for a whole day. Can you? Hahaha...If you can, then welcome to the group of lazy sleepers..hehe

piano:050607_ by Rigely.Last year, a few of my friends had their faces tersengih in front of the Majalah Siswa, each with their own achievements. They're truly amazing students or should we call, cream de la cream ? (macam tu ke eja?). Anyway, this is my blog and i believe that i can say anything that have crossed my mind. This is a question of talent development. I do not know much as i don't have any talent to be shared with you all, but as i observed the students in my previous school, it is undeniable that those talents didn't came from their genes or what-so-ever, but it came through passion. For instance, David Beckham will never meant to be a soccer player if he did not felt the passion of playing football at the first place. For me, i've the passion for blood, that's why i've chosen to become a doctor (ala-ala dracula la ni...haha). At least you can kill people legally isn't? No no..just kidding.

I strongly believe that everyone was born with a talent in himself or herself. Look at my friend, she had this talent of sewing and tatting and that clearly explain the reason why she's selling her creative creations in her blog right now. As for you, what you're good at? Feel free to leave any reply..

Monday, May 10, 2010


I really do felt weird when i saw people reading novels. Honestly, in my life, i've read only two novels, no, it's one and a half as i recalled. The first novel that i've read was a present from my aunt in conjunction with my good result in my Upsr five years ago. The book entitled Hardy Boys and the Silver Plate. I love it, a lot. I really do admire storyline that has this some sort of an espionage-like mission in it. Those characters in the book were all like Bond, trying to reveal the truth of this and that. Haha..due to my love for it, i only managed to read half of the book..(how come? hehehe) Well, it's like, how on earth will you finish a three hundreds-page novel when you can only read two or three pages of History textbook at a time? Even it took me three long months to finish half of it.

Besides, why most novels don't have pictures? (duhh...nama dah novel..hehe). When I asked my friend about this, he simply told me that you should just imagine and re-create the storyline and the characters in your head. To me, owh.. that's hard. Sometimes, a lot of my friends read English novels and when i tried to read those novels, they were written in those old English; thou, thy art ..What the heck? Those words are beautiful but when it's written in a novel, it really gets on my nerve. I once read a question in a novel, 'That do you like?'. Then i said to myself, 'Ahh..those who took English literature will know that this is a correct phrase. grammatically laa.. Can you even use that in a daily conversation? Example, you asked your friend about a shirt in a store, 'That do you like?'..hahaha. what if your friend answers, 'What hast thou?' Thou art enough feoh?' (haha..silly Shakespeare for inventing this)... Monday when i walk along a pavement near the R&R, there was this booth that sold novels. One of them was a famous novel that everyone talk about in many blogs, Aku Terima Nikahnya. I haven't read it yet but people said that it was good. What do you think? It's not that i've never read Malay novel but the biggest problem is that most of the Malay novels are love-themed. Not my type. But i've (proud to say..hehe) able to read this Malay novel from the very beginning till the very end. Have anyone heard of Mikhail? If you haven't, I suggest you to read was a fantastic work..

Sunday, May 9, 2010


love of a lifetime by rahmat ws.So, I was thinking when i've seen a lot of my friends were involved in a what-they-claimed as a serious relationship with their so-called soul mates. I'm happy to see them happy as they said that they have found the right person to fall to. I've asked one of them, 'Kalau couple2 ni rase camne ek?, best tak?'.'s not that i've never fallen to somebody before, but it was all the way back then and i almost forgot that person already. But maybe i shouldn't ignore the fact that nobody like me..hahaha...Even in school, the number of those who involved in a relationship was quite high and i believe that they were not mistaken to raise this issue with their partners since they were all grown ups. 

Regardless, I really do feel that i should address a few things if you were or going to be in a serious relationship with somebody that you think suit you best. Since i've seen a lot of my friends being rejected in their relationship, i suggest that you prepare for any available possibility that may happen. Most of your friends don't want to see you to be saddened and depressed due to failed relationship isn't? Besides, a few of my friends mentioned that they will 'delay' their relationship in order to focus on something else; study and etc. My friend told me that there is no such thing as a delay in a serious relationship and i say it's true. By ensuring that you future will not be jeopardized, i thought that a relationship can come anytime and anywhere. In fact, the number of those who continued their relationship that were made since childhood were too little. 

Some of my friends were involved in a relationship due to the fact that she was envious with her friends, in which most of them already have their partners. If a relationship is made due to jealousy, then i believe that it's a worthless approach. Please be rational in making our decisions. It's not that i'm supporting those who oppose coupling but i'm just concern.

Most of my girl friends seemed to be disappointed when they were dumped by the boys and claimed that their lives are now useless. 

That's why i'm posting this.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

SEWING AND COOKING..AHH..TROUBLESOME.. was when i'm in Mrsm Besut, one of the Kemahiran Hidup teachers asked us to do some course works. 'Saya nak kamu semua jahit la ape-ape yang boleh kamu apply segala bentuk jahitan yang kamu dah belajar'. Haha..then I whispering to myself, 'Suruh je la mak aku kan, kan senang je tu..'. Destructive words came then from mouth of the teacher, 'No assistant allowed! Ingat, saya dapat bezakan yang mana kamu buat dengan yang mak kamu buat'. Eeeh? I'm doomed. No, not just me, all of the gentlemen in that class of 30 were doomed. How can guys sew? We can only do mechanical stuffs and something like that. I really do hate seeing the face of all those girls in my class, smiling 10-cm wide, knowing that their work in sewing will surpass everyone and pleased the teachers for their fantastic works. Well, this is exactly why we're learning Kemahiran Hidup isn't? To learn the 'kemahiran' themselves right? 

My first work was a total mess. How can the girls sewed so perfectly like they were born to do so? For the guys, well, we were born prepared. But not that prepared for this sewing thingy. At last, I got 2/10 for the coursework which was a great disaster for us all. Another thing is cooking. I can cook! Only Maggi laa..and some boiled eggs..and that's all..My mother once told me that if i were to study far away from her, she will put me in any available short course in Giatmara or in the Kolej Komuniti around our hometown. No way... My smaller brother is a great cooker. Really. When I asked him whatever that i wanted, then he will change from my brother into my personal chef. Good thing uh?
Everyone should learn how to cook. I still remembered how my father tried to cook for us when my mother had a fever. Haha..he failed completely. 

The moral? Girls, you should find your future husband that are capable in cooking. (apasal aku tulis pasal mende ni? haha...maybe sebab tengah makan laksa kot skrang...hehe)


In Tun Ghafar Baba and in most secondary boarding schools, many of the students will feel disgusted with this well-known disciplinary board, the Wardens. Me too. We felt uneasy with with their presence, actions and words. It's a common thing for us to hear phrases that were being claimed as an explanation to their actions; 'Nanti korang besar korang tau laa..., Kita buat ni untuk kebaikan korang jugak.' and of course, many others. Some of my friends told me that their actions do not reflect their job as a teacher, maybe because it's too harsh and too unfriendly. My friend even told me that we (the students) are far more matured than the wardens. But I thought that we were foolish and we cannot even see anything yet.

I'm living in an environment filled with teachers, wardens and policy makers for education. So, I think that  I can understand a little bit of the situations on both side. Last Monday, a Mesyuarat Agung Muafakat (In Kementerian, it's mere a PIBG General Meeting), was held at the hall of the school. I was there, standing at the end of the hall, while eating a plate of Mee Goreng. Many parents were there too. I must say, these parents were very demanding. They ask for a complete maintenance of the school, greater works from teachers, and also, one of the must-be motions raised by them, discipline. Three hours went by. Two-third of the meeting's period was all about the students performance in their disciplinary skills. The parents scolded the teachers, specifically wardens, saying that they neglected the students as more and more students were involved in offending school's laws. From that, I've noticed that the wardens were being pressurized by the parents.
Feeling responsible, their response were simple and quick. By executing more and more ambushes to the dorms seemed effective. The students here were angered with the plan. The same thing happened to us last year. If our wardens didn't do their job, then our parents will yell and put up a lot of pressure onto them. Haha..but I'm not on any side as I'm no longer a school student..hehehe. I've recalled that some of the parents in my previous school asked the admin, 'Kenapa tak buang-buang je budak-budak yang bermasalah ni? Kan senang cam tu?' Yeah, senang kepale hotak ko. If we were to remove all of the students with moral problems from school, then berape kerat je Malay people that can be ensured to receive complete education in school. Mara does not neglect these students, but Mara is looking at the long-term effect. Maybe one day, they will bring success provided with our complete education in Mrsm although they were school offenders at the first place.

One of my friends once quoted, 'We can never underestimate the school offenders as one day, they may turn to be far superior than our own'. I say it's true. What say you?

Friday, May 7, 2010


car (106) by ahn55.It was thrilling! When I received my driving license, I started to think, can I really go in a long-distance journey? It was not long until my father forced me to drive anyway. As I recalled, my father once told me that a few of the school's teachers where he is teaching do have a driving license, but sadly, their cars remain silent in their garage.  The reason? They're all being paralyzed with the oddness of driving since they has never drove a lot before. Being afraid that I may end up in the same sequence, my father let me drive the one ton Hyundai Trajet all the way  from Muadzam Shah to Mersing, which was a three hours journey. My father did scolded me a lot as I was driving..haha

Before that, my family's life was 'jeopardized' when I drove them all the way on the Karak highway. Worse, it was my first experience driving at night. I must tell you, it was totally different! I really, really hated those incomers that put on their high lights or their spotlights just to bright things up. It disturbed me a lot. Maybe after a few years of training, everything will be just fine.

Since I've drove both type of cars; automatic and manual-type cars, I really felt ought to drive automatic rather than the manuals. One of my friend told me that a man should drive manual-based cars because it suited the taste of a man. Eeeh? Maybe he's true but I prefer automatic anyway. It's is so much easier and there's lesser risk that the car will end up dead on the road. I really do cares about acceleration but safety must comes first, right? Please, leave a comment to this post if you has different ideas about my thought.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

WOMAN'S RIGHT? Haha...I don't really know why I'm posting at the middle of 3.30 am in the morning. A few minutes ago, I've came across a video in You tube. There was a video explaining about the failure of the Arab's government to implement any form of law that will give what we call as the freedom to choose in marriage for the women society there. One of the respondent mentioned that she has no choice but to marry the man that had been chosen by her parents at the age of 18! What if such thing happened to the fellow people or to be more precise, the women in Malaysia? Would you be happy?
What would you feel if that freedom is to be taken away from you? This is not a phrase but this is a question that you should answer when you are commenting on this post (for female readers laa...).Well, should the freedom be taken away from our society, then I believe that the phenomenon of puppy-love should never had the right to exist among students isn't? Haha..that's just one of the pro if such law is executed. Even my older brother will not bother to have his date with his girlfriend right now. Even so, I anticipate that most girls will scream in disappointment if their future husband is already being well-prepared from their parents for their living.

Nonetheless, it's still quite awkward for the Arabs to enforce such thing to the female society. If it is on the basis of protecting the woman, what exactly are they protecting? I believe there's no logical reason for them to follow or to comply to this odd rule.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


This story has gone wild all over nationwide. A story of  a 15-years old boy 'killed in action', with a bullet in his skull. It is told that Aminulrashid (the deceased) and his friend, Azamuddin were caught up in hit-and run case with some locals there. Aminulrashid, which was the driver hit a local's vehicle and they ran up in a scene of chase between vehicles with the locals. Being terrified, Aminulrashid violated a police barrier, which forced the police to fire a few rounds to stop the vehicle. One of them hit the car's tire but alas, the other one hit the back of the deceased head.

Whatever it is, starting from the very beginning of my life, there are two rules on the way that I should die (cehh..macam boleh pilih cara mati..haha). First, I won't get shot and I refused to die in a car accident. It's a little bit unlucky for this Aminulrashid to die in the way that I don't want to die. Nevertheless, most of the people were disenchanted by the way the police uphold the law this time. The police tried to cover it up by accusing them in a robbery coup-de-tat. The main witness opposed the charge. I don't know which one is the true story.

Now, the parents urged for an establishment of a royal commission to tackle this case. Haha..who cares...I just don't want to end up dead in the way Aminulrashid did. Moral of the story? Never let a 15-years old boy drive a car. Hope that justice be done.

Monday, May 3, 2010


My sister and my little brother were attending this kind of tennis tournament that was conducted in Kuala Lipis. My brother had lost at the first round already. Due to the lack of budget by the government, most of the sports tournaments now were conducted in a very bizarre way. Before this, there was some sort of a hierarchy that every single player must follow. You know, step by step development. First,, they will represent the district, then the state and then move to the national.  This year is different. They will compete, and then directly surpass the hierarchy and move to the national. Haha..most of the coaches here were complaining about this new rule.They were happy with the new 'One student one sport policy', and now they were disenchanted with the executions.

I'm writing this post while watching my little sister, presently having a duel with Shakira from Bentong. That Shakira is a strong opponent as she is two years older and far higher in term of experience in any form of tournament. What a depressing sight..haha. The team was divided in two teams, below 15 and below 12. My brother who is also in the below-15 team fought in MRSM Kuala Lipis. We heard rumors that two of the Chinese player attending the tournament were having their training in the mainland of China during their holidays. Cool huh? No wonder they always being entitled as the champion all the time...hehe.

For me, I wanted to represent my school in table tennis for a long, long time.Yet, the chance to have one was never there for me. I've still remembered during my secondary study in Besut, I was a good player but I didn't attend the elimination. What a waste. In Tun G. Baba, I had the chance but then I miss the elimination due to a larger responsibility in another stupid science fair. My friends told me that I'm a jinx in sport.

Maybe they were true after all.

Please, leave a comment.( little sister is winning after all...hehehe)

Sunday, May 2, 2010


There were moments where I was mistakenly thought as a Chinese, maybe due to my eyes that do not resemble any typical Malay eyes..haha..It was about a year ago, when I was in Terengganu where my family and I had a long holiday and we used it for some sort of a vacation at our own original house that we've left, unseen for many, no..years already. On our way home, we stop by my favourite game store, commonly known as the Lagimura from the locals there. I went quickly to the counter to pay while holding tight the game that I'm looking for in a long period of time. Suddenly, the woman at the counter asked me, 'Zhīfù ne?'. What the heck? After realizing the situation, she told me, 'Alah, sori-sori, saya ingat kamu orang cine ma...ok2, bayar kat sini...'. My parents laughed when I told them the story..haha

While walking out of the store, I noticed that there were no Malay stores in sight around me. All of the lots around the area where filled with Chinese citizens who would like to find their living there. That's something that I've admired from the Chinese people for all this while, which is, the will to survive in any condition, anywhere and everywhere. Where is our people? Extinct? No, majority of citizens of Malaysia are our people. Don't have money to support their shops? No, we have Mara or banks behind us from the very beginning. It's the will that we don't have.

My father have forced me to read this book, written in front with a large, catchy title..The World On Fire by Prof Amy Chua, House of Law, Yale University..haha..there's no way I'm reading it. That's what I thought at the first place. I was surprised when I took a glance at the first page. It's written, ' Buku untuk orang Pengerusi Mara, Dato' Seri Idris Jusoh' with his own initial below it. Then, I guess that I'm going to read a little. I can't stop reading it. Everything that was written by Amy Chua was so true. Have you ever noticed that in every single district, there will be this huge store where everyone will shop their needs there? It's told that those stores have never been in the hand of our people. Even our people only control barely 35 percent of our country's economy. However we can't just put the blame on everyone. We're still a new civilization that are looking it's own way to survive. Unlike the Chinese, Indians or even the people from the west that have generations of ancestors, we just lived for more or less fifty years on our own. But if we keep on making excuses, there's no way our people can survive for another fifty years since other countries are making a great path for their people while we're still dreaming of  becoming rich by creating more and more foreign trades, not domestically.  Now I've understand why Dato' Seri Pengerusi mentioned the phrase of Buku untuk orang kita in the front page. 

Because we're so left behind.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Haha..a friend of mine, Syahid often urged me to sign up for a facebook account..haha..I've thought about creating one a long long time ago but my laziness kept filling my head. If you ever read my post before on that Just Do It thingy, it does not happen this time..haha. Yet a promise is a promise, my facebook will be delivered sooner or later anyway. Now, let's get to the jist of the post. Apa ek?

Ok, I've just checked what we call as the talk-of-others, the UPU result. God speed, I manage to put myself among others in the Asasi Perubatan in UIAM. When I received the result, I recalled myself filling the form and  question myself, why didn't I choose Uni. Malaya as my first destination in this medical field. If you asked for facility or recognition, Malaya is quite a better place than Uia isn't? However, what is decided is decided. At the very least, if I were to be rejected for the scholarship programme, a backup is already being well prepared. Congratulation for those who received good news in their pre-university results.

However, this will be a great foundation for all of us to achieve the dream that we've dreamed of all this while. Adults often told me to follow the will of the heart in career-based decision. My old friend from Taiping was there during my medical interview in Mara State Headquarters and she mentioned that she really, really wanted to deepen her life in biotechnology but due to the parents, she ended up in medicine. She never dreamed of, or even wanted to choose medicine as her major at the first place anyway. Remember, the biggest gift that we have is not only the brain, but the say to choose the decision for ourselves.

Yet, that's good enough for her. In this neighborhood-for-loner that I'm staying in, there are still those who're still dreaming of becoming a doctor. My teacher once told me a story. She met her friend in a house. The friend of her then introduced her son. The conversation begins: 'Ni anak nak jadi ape?' The mother replied, 'Nak jadi doktor. Tinggi cita-cita dia'. 'SPM berape?' My teacher questioned her. Then the mother reply, 'Haha..saya pergi wat teh dulu ye?', leaving the conversation behind.

See? Not all of us are lucky. Choose and decide wisely. Feel free to leave any comment.