Tuesday, May 4, 2010


This story has gone wild all over nationwide. A story of  a 15-years old boy 'killed in action', with a bullet in his skull. It is told that Aminulrashid (the deceased) and his friend, Azamuddin were caught up in hit-and run case with some locals there. Aminulrashid, which was the driver hit a local's vehicle and they ran up in a scene of chase between vehicles with the locals. Being terrified, Aminulrashid violated a police barrier, which forced the police to fire a few rounds to stop the vehicle. One of them hit the car's tire but alas, the other one hit the back of the deceased head.

Whatever it is, starting from the very beginning of my life, there are two rules on the way that I should die (cehh..macam boleh pilih cara mati..haha). First, I won't get shot and I refused to die in a car accident. It's a little bit unlucky for this Aminulrashid to die in the way that I don't want to die. Nevertheless, most of the people were disenchanted by the way the police uphold the law this time. The police tried to cover it up by accusing them in a robbery coup-de-tat. The main witness opposed the charge. I don't know which one is the true story.

Now, the parents urged for an establishment of a royal commission to tackle this case. Haha..who cares...I just don't want to end up dead in the way Aminulrashid did. Moral of the story? Never let a 15-years old boy drive a car. Hope that justice be done.


Anonymous said...

It is true tht the story has attracted many people to watch tv in order to get the truth. Issues will always be there but isn't it safe if we read, watch and make our own comparison rather than having our early prejudgement? - the alert,watchful but speaking their mind sopporter :)

Luqman Safwan C.M Fauzi said...

i prefer to be more silent with the opinions that I've seen throughout the case..I guess you're right..hehe..

Anonymous said...

i guess i get your point but the part when you were mentioning the way you don't wanna die from for goodness sake i just think that it's just so immature to say sth like that.I know that you're just trying to put a mind on it but by saying so do you think it's gonna make something for any better? as in this topic? OF COURSE we wish we wouldnt die in any of the FINAL DESTINATION scenes!! who wants to..
so i'm not criticising but just wanna tell you that there are rules in everything as for this case, when you write in your opinions.

but anyway..i do like your blog..representing your thoughts and i'm gona always support it in an 'invisible' way..

Luqman Safwan C.M Fauzi said...

thanx for the critcs!..i believe that you're true in many ways..