Tuesday, May 11, 2010


As i was opening and deleting many folders and files that have made my computer to move slower than a turtle, i spotted this picture in which i've caught when i went to last year's science competition in downtown Houston. That pic shows just one out of four parts of Saturn V that has the size bigger than one and a half of football field. Truly, it's a large piece of shit that have been brought into space by the Americans in the earlier year of space technology. Haha..my friends and i were amazed on how on earth did the earthlings manage to build something like that. So, i was thinking when there will be more Malaysian that will go to space, in this case, without the help of other countries. Back then, our solution to produce an astronaut was so simple, by hitchhiking other country's space craft. That's the way of the Malaysian people. Despite this issue, i really felt proud that one of us has manage to go to space anyway.

I've thoughts that if Malaysia is in approach to produce more astronauts, why don't the government sponsored some sort of a study loan or a scholarship that will allow people to pursue their study in aeronautical engineering that is more specific in space technology? How many longer will we get on board in the Russian's craft? I really do understand that the term of financial crisis will be a big issue but if more and more money were spend on something that shouldn't be spent onto, i believe that it's worth to invest some of it into the space technology. Nonetheless, i;m still quite happy as more and more Malaysian satellites were sent to the orbit meaning; more channels in my astro laa...haha
I've still remembered the time when we were boarding a train in the Johnson space center. Suddenly, it stopped in an open field filled with a number of pine trees. The conductor told us 'All of this pine trees represented the number of American astronauts killed during the spaceflight mission. As told, the number of these pine trees increased rapidly during the Columbia disaster. Ladies and gentlemen, moment of silence.' Everyone was praying. When i think again, 'Apehal orang Amerika ni?' They're representing dead heroes with a bunch of pine trees? Wow..even in Malaysia, we even have that Tugu Negara lagi...Anyway, please leave any comment..thank you..haha


Anonymous said...

the government planned to send Dr Faiz next after Dr S.Muzaffar for our first plan to send our astronaut (hitchhiking or not)suceeded. Yet there are many rumours of problems such as budget already occured..for me, yes, the country should start to plan the best way of having our own rocket and its centre to materilaise this, but hei, let the development of other parts such as the education itself stabilized along - too many cooks spoilt the food! interesting issue,anyway-tawbstms

Luqman Safwan C.M Fauzi said...

btul gak ek..tak bleh wat bnyak2 mende satu mase..haha..tq