Saturday, June 19, 2010


Multicomplex Management (MCM) and Expected Creative Potential (ECP) Picture 4 - BCD´s Nordic Wood  Programme Partners by Hans Bruno Lund.It's still quite a long, well, not that long for me to join Banting. Why must every time we entered a new school or a learning institution, the first few days will put us in a lot of shitty situations? Yeah, like for the first few days in Banting, (or should i say in every other places), we have to get through this orientation thingy. And the very first activity will always be named as Ice Breaking? There was a time during my younger youth, i really thought that the ice breaking activity was that every single participant are to be given an ice to be broken into. Huh.. few days ago, i've seen an article in the paper, supporting the cancellation of the First Degree Oversea Program (PILN) for the years to come. Don't hate me but i really do agree with the decision. Why must we spent millions or billions of ringgit to support students to go overseas just to have their first degree? It's told that more and more scholarships shall be given for those who want to pursue masters or Ph.D in overseas. Now, in my perspective i can really see the benefit of that. If the plan is to be implemented, i believe that more and more of our citizens will continue their studies in Masters or higher, in which, directly, you know, increase the level of thinking among the working-class citizens. Now, do you agree to that? Its more than two days more for me to fit myself into this IB programme. People did mentioned that this programme is so hard as we'll have to deliver a lot of assignments and do this and that and this and that. Hmm...another two years of punishments eh....I can forecast that it's going to be harder for me to update the blog after this eh...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


The whole connection server in my house was at stake when heavy rains were pouring from the sky for the last 4 days. Then came this lightning and hit the house with full spam at the phone connection, crashing the server and i said at that moment while holding my scared little sis, 'Internet kuu.......' My modem, though was still in good shape, by chance was severely damaged in which leading me to believe that i won't be able to check out my blog for a little while..hehe..
(The story above explicitly explains why this blog was not being updated for so many days....)

Anyway, i've just finished seeing 88 Minutes, a story of a psychiatrist professor that are being hunted by this killer named Foster. The thing that i like about this movie is not the character or the story line, no at all. The part that lift me up most was during the part when this professor was holding a gun in his hand. How cool is that? It is quite, you know, cool being a professor and the same thing goes about being a police officer, but a professor with a gun? Fascinating isn't? Or not...nah..

Accident near KLIA by simpology™.A few days ago i was on my way to a relative's house and on my way i've managed to came across with an accident nearby. Its going to be the same shitty thing that will happen whenever accidents happened. A lot of people will gather and you know what, these people will still stick to ground although situations have turned calm. A lot of people will get excited isn't? And when your neighbors are there with you, you will repeat the same story with everyone. And notice this, people will always love to hang around the cops when an accidents occur. We just love to feel like we're involved in the incident though we're not literally or physically involved. Maybe this sentence will happen: ' few days in Perlis did widen my perspective. There was this teacher who did, emm should i say proposed my little sis to join this sport school which was second to Bukit Jalil. My bros were opposing the proposals greatly. My answer was very simple though, i say, 'Masuk skolah sukan takde future..' Now i'm asking you guys as the readers, is it true of what i've said? I'm just answering spontaneously due to my perspective that if you're to join sport school, then i believe that we must really, really have the talent to play or else we're going to waste our time and effort.

Or perchance you have a different answer?

Friday, June 11, 2010

MY EVENING evening i woke up early due to many reasons. Why did Mara insists on having an account based on CIMB system when majority of the students have already owned a BSN account? So i went to the bank this evening to open up a new account and for the first time ever, i really did feel the advantages of living in this far far away land. There's no need for me to line-up, no need to wait for your numbers to be called after hours of waiting and the people, fuhh....terbaek laa. Since there were not a lot of customers in the room, everyone was treated like the way things should be. It is the officer who seek for the customer when things should happen otherwise in most places. I recalled when i did my new ID card here. I entered the room and click on a button to get the waiting number. It was 0001. And at that time i just realized that i'm the only person in the room  with four officers there standing for me to pick on which table should i sit. Back to the story, well, it was all a contradict when i took a peek outside of the internal bank room. A lot of people were standing there, waiting to withdraw cash from the machine. One question, have you ever see people smiling when they were about to withdraw cash from a bank? Because i haven't. No one will go to the ATM machine smiling, looking at everyone else with an excited mood and just act cool with the money that he just withdrew. In my observation, they (should i say 'we'?) will do these following steps every time we are to withdraw money : 

0. You'll look around to ensure that no foreign Bangladeshi or Indonesians are around the bank walkabout.
1. You'll walk to the ATM machine in a Mission Impossible style of walking.
2. Looking around like everyone around you are thieves, trying to see advantages to snap your cash.
3. Be as close as you can to the screen to avoid everyone else from looking at your pin code though they can never see the screen anyway.
4. Once you've withdrew your money, you'll walk in a fast pace, trying to find the best place to keep your money in your wallet.
5. And above all, you'll never smile...

I then returned to my home after all of those works and took a damn-good nap.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

PERLIS OH PERLIS was a total satisfaction when i managed to beat my big bro in the all-new-family-made ping pong tournament. It is always remained as a dream for me to beat him the first duel that we have when i was in my primary education. Honestly, i'm a kaki bangku. i cannot play football since i was small and that exclude the other two bros of mine. The only game that i can play is a game yang maen pukul-pukul je: badminton (kureng skit), tennis and ping pong. Fuhh...what a loser..Sometimes, when i kick the ball, i can't even kick it straight, even more playing it.  I did remembered that when i was 12, we formed a team against some other smaller kids in the village. And in the whole game, i didn't managed to even touch ball to show how slow i am. Kekeke....somehow i get a headache seeing people who do not play soccer but they were there in the Dewan Selera seeing the World Cup with my friends. How can it happened? With the current football World Cup, maybe i can try to understand this a little... dislike girls who play sport. effense ehh...Because i really think that girls should be just ayu-ayu and cool-cool je. But this evening, my family will head on to Perlis to see my little, 9-year old sister who was representing the state to the national. Sumpah seksa giler....It was a super long journey. We departed from the house at 4 in the evening and arrived at our aunt's house by midnight. It was just a three-hours sleep after my father decided to kick off to Perlis at 3 am in the morning..i was like, 'What?'

As i was writing this post, we were still on our way to Perlis. Fuhh...i saw this R&R when we were en route to the destination. In my whole life, this is the first time ever that i saw an escalator at an R&R station. Seriously, it's cool ( you'll say: Kampung nye mamat ni..)....Why do people said that Malaysia does not own enough land. That's bullshit! How come there was so many green fields in this state more than anywhere else? Its like, if you have penyakit rabun, this is indeed the best place for you to settle in. Anyway, i'll write soon..feel free to leave any comment ok!

Friday, June 4, 2010


Wow..the disease had just gone too far. Now the whole family of mine are in love with the Korean-based entertainment. I'm start thinking too...i asked a lot people who did received their scholarships to pursue their studies oversea on their targeted destination. Their answer were very similar. United Kingdom, Ireland or Australia. I really felt lit up to address my notion in this matter. If Mara did provide scholarship to do medicine in Korea, seriously dude..i'm going to have that in my hand. This is the special part of being an Asian. As we were so amazed about the people in the west, but the people in the west do envy us a lot. Why?

It's because i strongly believe that Asian people are far more creative in many ways. Take a greater look at the way we Malaysians or the Japanese move side by side with modernization and our culture. When we ask the community at the west 'What is your culture?'. Some of them will answer, 'Oh..we didn't have any. Why? Because we've killed our ancestors, the Red Indians a long, long time ago. That's why.' I'm sorry to say this, but my friend told me that i'm mad to fall in love with Korea and Japan, not with our own country. I answered, 'No i'm not. I'm fuckin patriotic. But i really hope that we can be like those Japanese or Koreans who are spreading their culture to every single corner of the globe through their entertainment and culturization.'

No wonder why Tun Dr. promoted the concept of Dasar Pandang Timur. Because he love K-pop too! Mwahahaha...masuk ISA laa lepas ni...

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Since my family and i are currently living in the quarters, we expect that we're going to live in the quarters for many more years. One day, when we were at the original house in Kuala Terengganu, my neighbour asked my father to turn our house into a homestay so that the house would not be let standing there alone without anyone to take care of it except the hired gardener and a house cleaner. Well, there were a few pros and cons if we decide to turn our house into a homestay. The good side, at least we can do something with that white house when somebody rent it and besides, maybe it really can avoid the house from being robbed. The not-so-good part of it, well, we were afraid that the house cannot be taken care of properly by the renter. 

GALVESTON.COM: Beach Bum's Bungalow by
Yup, maybe the renter will leave some sort of burdens when they left the house. Like, every time when you're in a hotel room, you will always have this thought, 'I will opened the air conditioner from morning till night, then i will turn on the water tap so that water can flow endlessly and i will do juvenile crimes in this room so that the owner of the hotel will suffer from lost not benefit.' I did wrote 'Luke was here' beneath the bed of a hotel room. That's it, you will always thought of not doing something nice in the room and the excuse was simple, 'Kita bayar kan.' As i am writing down this post, my bro and i were just finished on packing up and cleaning the house thoroughly. It was fun!
Why did i say it's fun?'s fun due to weird discoveries that you will find when you're cleaning every single corner of the house. It was really an adventure. We found so many god damn cockroaches eggs when we were cleaning the shelves in the other room. Are they really living inside the house? After this, we've have to buy a lot of Shieldtox cans to wipe them out off the ecosystem. What if someday when my dad answered the phone, he heard a yell coming from the renter, 'Kalau camni baik tak payah buat homestay. Buat homestay untuk lipas boleh lah!'

What if that happened?