Saturday, August 28, 2010


When people come to the city, some of them or a large portion of them would be astounded by the surrounding of it. Me, it was on the contrary. Last three days, the whole team consisting of 24 went to the Felda Kemasul. With a single objective in mind, we aimed in dealing with problems that have befallen on the locals' children as Upsr is way too near. Thou they live in destitution, i'm enthralled by their spirits to pursue knowledge. My friend and I were assigned to adopted by this family, in which the man of the house was Che Din.
The following day was stunning and amazing in alot of ways. The team, then were given tasks to handle the studied of the younglings. You can never imagined how hard it was. The spirit of the esprit de corps here were beyond amazing. This is the first time ever for me to witness such great coorporation between the villagers and the school teachers. A lot of us did found it quite confusing. The mothers, they came to the school and preparing foods for us to be eaten at Maghrib, yet they know that they really don't have time for that. Credits for them anyway..hehe.
We race just like Mat Rempits on the road of Felda and stopped a while to watch the sunset. Unequivocally, we've entailed a large portion of sacrifices in order to come here and nevertheless, i still don't have any qualms about it as it was worthwhile for me to realize that not all of us are lucky.

Monday, August 16, 2010


Last week i went to this school and we were told (or should i say force to..*sigh*..) to help these children with their learning progress and what-so-ever. the funny part begins when we were told that this school that we were assigned to was being foretold by others as a very poor school, in which, was so-so not true when we arrived there. It's way better than this KMB itself, at least they have flushes in the toilets..Those children..huh..annoying as ever but..since i was once in the same shoes as them in term of behaviour before, i forgave them this time.

I really hate it when people didn't keep their promises. We were told, 'When you arrive there, you'll meet the principle first, upon that, then you can go and teach the students'...and you know, at the end of the day, it didn't turn out the way iot should be. The principle, well...he was a common history of late, disappearing into the mist without any trail. We went to his office and the kerani there told us that he went outstation. Lucky for them to have a reserved teacher to escort the team in meeting the students there. Some of the girls were excited in meeting those ignorant children (in which i didn't), yet we stand on the verge of another dissappointment. The teacher told us in a very benevolent way, "well, since the students are having their classes, why don't you paint something on the wall.."

Yeah it's a disappointment for the girls but a vainglory for me. Habe you ever wondered when you'll be given a chance to draw and painting something like hell on the surface of the fence in the interior room? Now's your chance to do so...i painted like hell..and to my suprise,

the students, they loved it.....

Friday, August 6, 2010


Last week, we were astonished by news that spreaded not only in Kolej Mara Banting, but apparently for IB students around the world, which is; the fall in the result of IB world wide. The enormity of the effect of this lamentable situation is so huge, especially towards the KMBians themselves. Currently being as the largest IB world school in the world, more than a hundred super seniors (Abbr: SS) will have to continue their degrees locally due to many, questionable reasons which are still in dispute. Regardless, the biggest question mark here is in term of the cases of plagiarism, and indeed, a sensitive word when we're dealing with IB prospectus. The IBO told the admin that a small portion of the students, approximately 40, involve or should i say, were suspected in this work-imitation crime.

I've never knew that what my teachers told me in the previous years (which was, a common tale of late anyway..teeheee), that what ever the excuse that you have in your mind, do not copy others work. Moral of the story, try to rally your intelectual sense and avoid any form of imitation; a special advise for those who're thinking of doing an E.E for the next semester. I'm still wondering what will happen to those who fail to have their first degree in overseas?

Whither us?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I've just received my broadband yesterday. Now i believe that this old-time, yet stupendous blog of mine will move to a new frontier. To be exact, life here is getting more challenging day by day. As we were informed and addressed with more assignments, we'll try our best to enjoy ourselves. This evening the IBians will have a sports carnival which will be held at 5 pm and it is ostensibly, going to be an interesting carnival. Of all the students here, none will be exiled from participating. And i'll will have a table tennis tournament later on. Still, i've no qualms about joining the team, as this considerably (though it's my first time) a chance for me to find a new and prodigious challenger in the field. Wish me luck!

By the way, since the assignments have quintupled for the last 5 days, maybe i'll write on sooner in the blog. Suffice is to say that the people here will have to endure 2 years of pain and suffering (in which will be paid later laa by the god...). Will or nill, i'll try my best. This friday we will have a talk on the universities that are bridgeable for the IB programme here. For the year 1 students, there is only one slot for that, University of Sheffield i guess. There's also slots for year 2 students for the application to Cambridge university. What about my friends right now ehh? Oft did i've forgotten about their news but still, the tie remains the same.

I'll write sooner..bye!