Saturday, August 28, 2010


When people come to the city, some of them or a large portion of them would be astounded by the surrounding of it. Me, it was on the contrary. Last three days, the whole team consisting of 24 went to the Felda Kemasul. With a single objective in mind, we aimed in dealing with problems that have befallen on the locals' children as Upsr is way too near. Thou they live in destitution, i'm enthralled by their spirits to pursue knowledge. My friend and I were assigned to adopted by this family, in which the man of the house was Che Din.
The following day was stunning and amazing in alot of ways. The team, then were given tasks to handle the studied of the younglings. You can never imagined how hard it was. The spirit of the esprit de corps here were beyond amazing. This is the first time ever for me to witness such great coorporation between the villagers and the school teachers. A lot of us did found it quite confusing. The mothers, they came to the school and preparing foods for us to be eaten at Maghrib, yet they know that they really don't have time for that. Credits for them anyway..hehe.
We race just like Mat Rempits on the road of Felda and stopped a while to watch the sunset. Unequivocally, we've entailed a large portion of sacrifices in order to come here and nevertheless, i still don't have any qualms about it as it was worthwhile for me to realize that not all of us are lucky.

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mad khaz said...

hahaha.. jealousy crawled over my every vein and artery... how come?

surprisingly, got some improved vocab huh?

btw, blek ganu x? dop lpak2 raye kt umoh sek2 ni..?