Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I've just received my broadband yesterday. Now i believe that this old-time, yet stupendous blog of mine will move to a new frontier. To be exact, life here is getting more challenging day by day. As we were informed and addressed with more assignments, we'll try our best to enjoy ourselves. This evening the IBians will have a sports carnival which will be held at 5 pm and it is ostensibly, going to be an interesting carnival. Of all the students here, none will be exiled from participating. And i'll will have a table tennis tournament later on. Still, i've no qualms about joining the team, as this considerably (though it's my first time) a chance for me to find a new and prodigious challenger in the field. Wish me luck!

By the way, since the assignments have quintupled for the last 5 days, maybe i'll write on sooner in the blog. Suffice is to say that the people here will have to endure 2 years of pain and suffering (in which will be paid later laa by the god...). Will or nill, i'll try my best. This friday we will have a talk on the universities that are bridgeable for the IB programme here. For the year 1 students, there is only one slot for that, University of Sheffield i guess. There's also slots for year 2 students for the application to Cambridge university. What about my friends right now ehh? Oft did i've forgotten about their news but still, the tie remains the same.

I'll write sooner..bye!

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