Saturday, May 22, 2010


People are still talking about their scholarships when i took a glance at the dashboard. Over excited i am not. Hahaha..yesterday i went to Kuantan to have my cinematic adventures with the whole family. We planned to watch Clash of the Titans in 3D in which each ticket was sold at the price of Rm 14 each. If you are to watch movies like that in 3D, don't do that. It was a total waste! I felt like i'm watching nothing in 3D. It's so dark that if you're wearing that grasshopper-like-3D-spectacles, you can't even see the subtitles in the way it should be. These are some of the experiences that i really want to share with during the whole day.

First, every single one of us like to see movie previews, right? Because after the previews of the latest movies that will come out soon are shown, you will turn to the person on your side and you will comment the movie. Like, after the preview of Robin Hood was shown, automatically the whole family of mine will comment on the movie ' best je! Nak tengok nanti'. Second, sometimes if you are so kampung sangat, when you enter the hall and you're are about to seat, you will again comment on how good the seats are. It's like the seats are so innovative that it can be folded. My little sister said, 'Best nye kerusi ni..lembut sangat..'

Third, while waiting for the movies, we will start to get hungry due to tha aura of deliciousness that came from other people treats. Then your little sister wants you to get her something to be eaten. This is a problem that will rise when a man ask a girl, 'Nak makan ape?'. Girls, you'll definitely start with a long pause 'Emm.........emmm........ape yang diorang ade ek?'. I really hate that question. What do you aspect? They have the same shitty thing that they have since independence, 'Popcorn and icy drink'. I asked my sister, 'What do you want?' She said, 'Emm....popcorn......emm..air oren ais..emm...potato mash......emm.....chocolate bar yang besar tuu.....emm...dengan coklat coin dalam plastik aluminium tu...banyak sangat ke?'..I said, 'No..not at all..i just hope after you've finished the movie, you'll turn into a fuckin monster...huh..that's a lot of money dik..' Sengal..

At the lobby, the person in charge of counter will always ask the same stupid question every time i buy those goodies, 'Adik nak kotak tak?' If only i could say, 'Duhh...memanglaa..what? you want me to make nine trips in and out of the hall...?' And they didn't give you a box because a box is rigid and has weight distribution. What they gave me was a folded box filled with the goodies that i've just bought. And the box was about to break like it was a diaper. I'm carrying a diapers of goodies! And this one will happen to most people. When you get back into the hall, you will definitely fail to remember where your seats are. It was dark and you're sitting there at the corner of the hall like a bunch of idiots looking for the seats that you've settled. It didn't end there. When i've seated, the person beside me was so in into the movie that she talked to the screen. She talk a lot that the black person behind her said, 'SHhhhh....!!'
Sorry for the long post.


baaqiyghazali said...

u sure love to make new post at this hour, hahahaha, nice one though!

Atikah FatholRazak said...


man, u're one helluva sarcastic guy.
no wonder u're a debater =DD
love this post.

Lee said...

dude, you're so filled up with sarcasmm... chill.

Anonymous said...

A catchy sharing, i shall say.

so, you dislike the facilities or the people?

For you are leaving to study soon, I think no matter how troublesome or fassy the girl is(your litlle sis)actually, youll miss the moments with her and the whole family later.Appreciate and enjoy the moments okay?

p/s anway, according to my ustazah, going to cinema is like "menempah tiket ke neraka"..something to ponder :)

-adri (tawbstms)

Luqman Safwan C.M Fauzi said...

ikka: wow..i'm no longer a debater ok..hehe..that retired dah..anyway thanks my future-going-to-be-college-mates....panjang betul...

lee: haha..kite rileks je dude..

anonymous: i really did thought of something like that..they said that going to the cinema is haram at the side of the religion..i really want to know the reason..

Nurul Awanis said...

Luqman : as far as I know, it is haram because dalam cinema kan gelap and maksiat senang berlaku but for me, as long as I didn't do anything wrong, it's fine. But I'm not really sure about that. By the way, sometimes mmg sarcasm is the best way nak kenakan orang haha the best weh :D

Anonymous said...

bcoz kte berada di tmpt org buat maksiat..

Luqman Safwan C.M Fauzi said... klau pegi tngok wayang ngn family tak boleh ek?

puterakayangan said...

hahahah!!i've read a book entitle "THE CATCHER IN THE RYE"....ahahahahah!!u have da same characteristics as the watak utama..HOLDEN CAUFIELD....he will komen evrything yg dia x puas hati...but won't say it verbally...hahahaha!!!
note:nice book to read...

Luqman Safwan C.M Fauzi said...

the catcher in the rye huh? maybe i'll read it..hahahaha