Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Evening Story

One thing i love about my classmates; super-maniac. I'm very much impressed by the way they work...pergh. The Smiling Soul programme has been tremendously a great achievement over the past months of its existence. i've recalled a Chinese proverb that goes, Helping others is a joy and rewarding in itself. My sincerest gratitude to all of them that're involved to help those in needs so spontaniously.

It was really a dull moment for me to witness how little is the number of friends in my beloved ping pong club. Hakim (friend of mine) owns a tennis club, in which i envied most due to its great number of participations. Table tennis was different - vastly different. What do you expect from a club with only ....gosh....a lousy president, a pair of naughty secretaries, not to mention this pair of female players, whom i respect most as they're the only girls in the team. It's a club of's not even adequate enough to be called as a club.

This evening i was very much pleased to hear that Pak Salleh (Ping Pong Manager) has managed to plan an activity for the club.

Pak Salleh: Luqman! Sini Jap!
Me: Ape hal !!....(gurau je)....Ye Pak Salleh..(Aku menjawab dengan nada Sarcasm ibarat English HL)...
Pak Salleh: Apa aktiviti club?
Me: Well...kita main setiap minggu.
Pak Salleh: (This is the best part)....Saya dah plan nak wat tournament open dengan orang luar. Kertas Kerja dah siap, Budget dan Jemputan saya dah uruskan. Tinggal awak sign je proposal tu sebagai presiden kelab.

"You should see my face at that time". Somehow the word 'Kertas kerja, budget and bla...bla...saya dah uruskan' really make my day. Yippee!! I told this matter to Hakim (Happened to my rival as he is organising something too)..He replied; 'Dah ape yang ko buat'. Then i replied.

"That's the job of a club presiden you dumb. Signing things!' Now dah rasa bersalah.


mad khaz said...

as u always to be,hahaha

rofl :P

Luqman Safwan C.M Fauzi said...

as aslways...ain't?haha

Ammar Adnan said...

abg luqman safwan yang hensem >.<
ajar saya main ping pong..

Luqman Safwan C.M Fauzi said...

oh amar ku..
ko ajar aku maen badminton dulu la broo...