Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bright eyes.

Blast! I've forgotten my laundry again! Why must it happens all the time? Sheesh..i felt cheesed off. Whenever i step in into my bedroom, my laundry will remain in a distance, far away in that dark room, lies deep within the corner of the majestic restaurant (It's a cafe you dumb...) A goat good friend of mine, Hakim is a funny guy with least emotion. I don't know why, but really know well about this world - except for the fact that we can't understand girls that much.....Go bananas!.....

A quote,"If you bare your heart and soul to someone, you'll reveal your innermost". (why on earth am i writing this quote anyway?) The thing is, that evening, that line of girls sitting in front of him (hakim) caused a stir in the class - it's not that serious as you thing, for your account. Comel sangat! comel, comel, comel. Hakim, who was, well, kind of..felt disturbed with those words turn to me and say, 'Why do they have to say everything to be comel?'. I reply silently, 'i wish i knew.....i really do wish i knew.......'

Why can't boys be like girls? (Reject those negative thoughts!Jeez...) What i mean is, i'm very much pleased and enthralled with the way my classmates are right now (what does this has to do with boys?!)...with one exception though (i'm not going to say anything..). Those young and energetic happy-clappies really make our class filled with joyfulness! And at first i have this gut feeling telling me that this will not go long.....and i'm wrong!

p/s: Do you know what does supercalifragilisticexpialidocious means? It exist.

It means hello!


syiera said...

we like to say 'comel' bcuz it is the easiest way to describe anything, beautiful, gorgeous,cute, best sume2 lah combine in one word, 'comel'... n btw, comel lah entry nie, haha

Luqman Safwan C.M Fauzi said...

haha...what can guys say about girls..kalau camtu bdak laki kene cakap ape?...haa

Syakirah Azami said...

haha 'with one exception though..'

do finish ur sentence luqman!!! :P :P :P

Luqman Safwan C.M Fauzi said...

well...that 'exception' is your 'boyfriend' anyway!rememeber hazrin?hahahahaha